How to Create Your Signature Style


As we mature, we often go through phases. We might have experimented with a goth phase before swapping the black hair for bright orange, blue or pink to eventually settle for different combinations of many influences. Think Joan Jett, Madonna, Katy Perry, and the many other artists that have influenced our lives. However, sometimes it’s hard to find what really makes us feel like ourselves.

With so many new trends erupting and past influences that still speak to us, it’s hard to know where to draw your inspiration.

Be honest with yourself

If you’ve been trawling through Instagram and have been looking at other women in pencil skirts with six-inch heels and taupe lipstick and wish that could be you, you need to ask yourself if you’d be happy being that person. If you’re far more comfortable in a pair of lace-up boots and a structured coat than you would in a pair of killer heels, then enjoy wearing what makes you happy. Once you’ve got a sense of clothing that not only looks great on you but makes you feel comfortable, do some digging in those areas. If you could do with a tailored coat in your arsenal and want it to be perfect, then looking through a line of Gloverall coats will get you what you’re looking for.


Try something new

While this might sound contradictory to the above advice, it’s always good for your wardrobe to try something new. This doesn’t mean ‘try something vastly different,’ but instead trying something that you might be too scared to try. If you’re worried you won’t be able to pull off red lipstick, then there’s no time like the present to try out a shade of crimson red. Walking through your local cosmetic stores to try out different types of perfume is also a great way to find that ‘signature scent.’

Reassess your wardrobe

If you have a closet full of items you never wear, then it might be a good time to pull out all your clothing and reassess what you will realistically wear. Looking at pieces and truthfully asking yourself if you will really wear them and chucking out any you won’t, will leave you with a smaller, but more concise example of what you will actually wear. This is sometimes referred to as a capsule wardrobe, but it can later be expanded once you’ve got a sense of what your wardrobe favorites really are.

Look to your icons

Chances are, a lot of your wardrobe has been inspired by people you admire. If there are particular icons you look to for your fashion ideas, whether they’re a musician, model, or television personality, it’s good to take another look at them and ask yourself what it is about them you admire fashion-wise. It’s also good to really ask yourself what aspects of their fashion you can wear and what bits are just best admired from a distance.

Finding your signature style isn’t necessarily an overnight process, but it is and should be, a fun process. Vintage looks are always fun, so rediscovering music that inspired you as a teenager, watching old television shows, and trying out new shades of eyeliner and lipstick should all be enjoyed and experimented with.

GGM Staff


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