Movie Style: Country Strong


Movie fashion is unquestionably exhilarating and innovative.  Great style mixed with interesting personalities is always a treat. This is exactly what happened in Country Strong with the film’s star-studded characters, Kelly Canter and Chiles Stanton.



Canter was played by Gwyneth Paltrow and portrayed a legendary country music star with a troubled past, trying to win back loyal fans.  She was a glamorous concert headliner, with sold-out shows in high profile arenas.  Playing a female guitarist veteran, Canter’s style was just as prestigious as her used-to-be reputation.  Canter pulled of fur-trimmed coats, diamond encrusted jewelry, and one-of-a-kind fashion pieces.


Stanton played by Meighton Leester was the epitome of a country-pop princess, complete with pastel floral dresses, eyelet whites, and sweet accessories.  The former-beauty-queen-turned-country singer was nervously breaking into the music scene; bright-eyed and full of southern style. Many of Stanton’s looks are memorable, including her relaxed plaid and jean skirt combinations or center stage strapless dress debuts.


The easiest way to mirror Country Strong fashion is through show-stopping dresses.  Try anything with cutwork designs, rich colors, or form-fitting silhouettes.  Floral motifs , one-shoulder minis, or sweetheart necklines are also wonderful ways to embrace the Country Strong movie style.  For laid back wardrobe pieces, think classic button-downs, skinny jeans, and western-style belts for off-duty country ensembles.

Accessories are essential to channeling these characters.  Add some sparkle with star-shaped studs , simple heart pendants, and thick-collared jewels.  Layer up with beaded bracelets for a more down-to-earth, easy-going feel.  Cowboy boots and Stetsons are staples, but cute bow pumps, wedges, or strappy heels are ideal with stage-style dresses. Top off your Country Strong look with soft pink hued lips, matching shadow, and layers of mascara. 



Whether you’re about to embrace the stage or practice your favorite guitar at home, Country Strong style is effortless, charming, and timeless.

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Megan Lewis is a wardrobe stylist and fashion journalist living in the Denver area. She also works as the studio coordinator for the School of Rock in Aurora. Megan is hopelessly obsessed with finding fabulous places to shop, perfect pieces to make yourself, or constantly playing with the essence of personal style. She is inspired by music, art, and merchandise from around the globe and always looking for new ways to help others express their own fashion identity.


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