November Rain – Seriously Stylish Rain Ponchos Give Back in a BIG Way

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The launch of the ultimate fashion accessory feeds an entire orphanage

Melbourne, Australia, February 17, 2017 ( – November Rain rain ponchos, the brainchild of Belinda Coker, founder of Envirosax, the original designer reusable bag, is turning heads with it’s inaugural giving back project.  November Rain pledges a full 10% of all revenue towards water projects in developing countries.  Launched in the USA in November 2016, the stylish rain poncho has proven so popular with the millennial crowd, the company has been able to fund an organic hydroponic vegetable growing system at a children’s rescue mission in Northern Thailand valued at $3,000USD.

“I wanted to create stylish rainwear that fits any shape or figure, folds up into a small package and is entirely waterproof,” states the founder Belinda Coker.  “After the success of Envirosax, I realized the importance of sharing the wealth created with those not so fortunate.  It’s not all about the money, it’s about creating something that people love with benefits that keep flowing to those in need.”

A mom of three, now in their teens and a frequent traveler, Belinda understands the issues associated with being stuck in the rain.  Holding little one’s hands, trying to open a car door, while holding an umbrella is truly awkward.  So is getting caught in the rain after emerging from a salon wearing an expensive jacket or carrying a beautiful leather handbag.  Finding a jacket that fits if you are pregnant or blessed with curves can also be an issue with many women.

November Rain rain ponchos fold down into a small 1lb, 7” packet.  Small enough to carry in your bag or keep in your car.  And with her signature style of making something as simple as a plain reusable bag in 2004 into something beautiful, it seems she has done it again with November Rain rain ponchos.

The sales from each quarter determine the amount of funding directed towards water projects in developing countries.  November Rain is not limiting the resources given to just clean drinking water, they are also funding irrigation projects for crops in areas where water can be the main limiting factor for people being able to put food on the table.  While the giving back projects are yet to be featured on the website (due to go live March 1st), the brand’s Facebook page has pre-launched the philanthropic efforts, with images of the early stages of the hydroponic vegetable growing system.

November Rain rain ponchos are available in the USA and UK.  Visit for more information.

About November Rain: Launched in November 2016, November Rain produces stylish rainwear that fits all shapes and sizes and offers a hands-free solution to a waterproof covering.  The brand pledges a full 10% of all turnover to water projects in developing countries.

SOURCE:  Press Release

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