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What We’re Reading NOW: Tegan & Sara High School

As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 10 – Winter 2019 – Acoustic Artists

Tegan & Sara High School
Authors:  Tegan and Sara Quin
Publisher:  MCD (2019

Celebrated Canadian pop duo, Tegan and Sara, have just released an expertly written memoir chronicling their journey to indie superstardom, beginning from their tumultuous secondary school years in Calgary, Alberta. The aptly titled High School is written from both sisters’ perspectives navigating through the twins’ awkward years. Experimentations with drugs, first loves, struggles with sexuality, finding their own unique voices as twins, and ultimately the local battle-of-the-bands contest that would lead to their first record deal.

Much like their studio albums, High School is an incredibly captivating, emotional, and creatively written body of work that details the twins’ unbreakable bond in a fascinating day-to-day fashion, reading more like a fast-paced Young Adult novel versus your typical memoir. If you haven’t yet heard of Tegan and Sara or heard their music, High School is an excellent introduction to the LGBT icons, who have collectively sold over a million records, recorded eight studio albums, and captivated audiences the world over.

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