What We’re Reading NOW: The Classic FM Family Music Box

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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 10 – Winter 2019 – Acoustic Artists

The Classic FM Family Music Box
Author:  Sam Jackson & Tim Lihoreau
White Lion Publishing (2019)

Family Music Box is quite an interesting book for young children interested in classical music. It was created by Sam Jackson and Tim Lihoreau, as well as Classic FM, the world’s largest classical music radio station. The front of the book is interactive with eight buttons to push to hear snippets of classical music from famous composers.

The book is an excellent introduction to the world of classical music. It is comprised of brief background information of famous composers along with beautiful illustrations. Beginning with the Renaissance period, through Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and on through the Twentieth Century, readers will also receive recommended recordings. While classical music was also very much male-dominated, they did pay homage to Ethel Smyth from the early 1900s.

For today’s great classical female artists, we featured Sharon Isbin in this issue. There are plenty out talented female classical musicians out there today, so we suggest you pick up this book, follow Ms. Isbin, and become inspired!

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