Fender Brings Dealer Meeting Experience Online, Reveals New 2020 Products Worldwide

Announces All-New Anniversary Electric Guitars & Basses, California Traditional Acoustic Series, Acoustic Amplifiers, Effects Pedals, Squier® Mini Series, Accessories, Apparel and more


Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today announced a new slate of products for the remainder of 2020 via a global online meeting experience for dealers worldwide. With new additions across nearly every category – from electrics, acoustics and amplifiers to pedals, Squier, accessories and apparel – Fender continues its commitment to product innovation and serving the needs of players creating music during this time. In light of COVID-19 restrictions, which caused the cancellation of the annual Summer NAMM show in Nashville, Tenn. and the brand’s decision to forgo participation in Winter NAMM 2021, Fender has created a private interactive portal for dealers to explore executive and product video and visuals via an easy to-follow user interface.

“2020 has presented unprecedented challenges for every business around the world,” said Tammy Van Donk, EVP Sales, America and EMEA Fender. “As we continually adapt to new norms, we are excited to provide a new immersive online dealer experience in lieu of Summer NAMM and Winter NAMM in 2021. It is with immense pride that Fender continues to unveil new product innovations and instill confidence in our industry at a time when dealers and players alike need them most.”

“Continued product innovation is at the core of everything we do, and our new products are a direct reflection of feedback from artists and players around the world,” added Justin Norvell, Executive Vice President, Product at Fender. Throughout the remainder of 2020, we’re introducing an elevated, compelling selection across all categories – including electric and acoustic guitars, basses, amps, pedals, accessories and more – with something for every player at every stage of their musical journey. Some ofthe greatest music has come through in the most challenging times, so serving artists now and in the future with tools to create has never been more important.”


Fender continues to set the bar for innovative electric guitars and basses – from modern appointments to vintage style. Fans of the vintage Fender look and sound are in for a particular treat with the launch of a series of classic Limited Edition Road Worn® guitars joining the Vintera® Series, which recreate the feel of well-loved originals with distinct aging patterns and an authentic broken-in aesthetic. There will also be a limited run of the 70th Anniversary Esquire® – a remake of the very first solid-body guitar ever crafted by Fender – and bass players will get to enjoy two versions of the 60th Anniversary Jazz Bass® including a very special Road Worn® model.

Vintera® Road Worn® ’50s Stratocaster® ($1,099.99) Available September Prized for its natural tonal qualities and hand-distressed for an authentically well-played look, the Road Worn® 50s Stratocaster® delivers the bell-like tone and unbeatable playing comfort one gets from a great vintage guitar. For maximum authenticity, Fender has recreated the trio of single-coil pickups to sound more like the Stratocaster® originals, using Formvar wire and individually-beveled alnico 5 magnets. Available in Surf Green and Fiesta Red.

Vintera® Road Worn® ’50s Telecaster® ($,1099.99) Available September The Vintera Road Worn® ’50s Telecaster captures the style and sound of Fender’s golden era with a period-accurate neck profile and playing feel. For unmistakably authentic tone, Fender has recreated its favorite set of ’50s Telecaster®pickups using alnico 2 magnets for the neck, alnico 3 for the bridge and Formvar-coated wire throughout. Twangy and articulate, they have the crisp, snarling sound that put Fender on the musical map seven decades ago. Available in Vintage Blonde and Lake Placid Blue.

Vintera® Road Worn® ’60s Stratocaster® ($1,099.99) Available September The Road Worn® 60s Stratocaster® model features a “mid-60s C”-shaped neck faithful to its time, a vintage six-point synchronized tremolo and much more for rock-solid performance and tuning stability. Available in colors classic to their era: Surf Green and Fiesta Red.

Vintera® Road Worn® ’70s Telecaster® Deluxe ($1,099.99) Available September Introduced in 1972 as a top-of-the-line option for Tele® players, and distinguished by its pair of Wide-Range humbucking pickups and large Strat® headstock, the Telecaster® Deluxe won over indie rock and alternative players with its combination of eye-catching looks, warm tone and enhanced sustain. Equipped with the coveted features that defined the decade – including period-accurate neck profiles and playing feel, alongside revoiced pickups – this guitar has all of the authentic bite and punch that made the original Telecaster® Deluxe a ’70s legend. Available in Olympic White and Daphne Blue.

70th Anniversary Esquire® ($1,999.99) Available August The Esquire was the very first solid-body guitar ever created by Fender and laid the groundwork for all guitars that followed – including its famous sibling, the Telecaster®. Seven decades later, Fender commemorates the pioneering model with this limited- edition run featuring a roasted pine body, lacquer finish, Tim Shaw-designed pickups, special anniversary neck plate and a tweed case. Available in 2020 only.

60th Anniversary Jazz Bass® ($2,199.99) Available Now Fender basses changed music forever. Following the original Precision Bass® was no easy task, but 60 years ago the Jazz Bass® was born – complete with a new stylish and comfortable offset body, versatile dual pickups and an ultra-playable slim neck profile. It would go on to become one of the most celebrated instruments of all time, and now Fender is excited to honor the original with the 60th Anniversary Jazz Bass®. Features include two Pure Vintage ’62 pickups, a pair of concentric volume and tone controls, alder body and maple neck, bone nut and much more. Available in Arctic Pearl. Available in limited quantities only.

60th Anniversary Road Worn® Jazz Bass® ($1,299.99) Available September 60th anniversary Jazz Bass®celebrations continue with this very special Road Worn® model. Capturing the charm of an icon, the 60th Anniversary Road Worn(r) Jazz Bass(r) features a hand-distressed lacquer finish, mid-’60s “C”-shaped neck, 20 vintage-style frets, a 4-saddle bridge, chrome hardware and a 4-bolt neck plate. Available in Firemist Silver, Olympic White and 3-Color Sunburst.


On the heels of one of Fender’s most successful acoustic guitar launches to date, the American Acoustasonic® series continues to push the boundaries of product innovation with the launch of the Limited Edition American Acoustasonic® Stratocaster® guitar and Mod Shop offerings.

Limited Edition American Acoustasonic® Exotic Stratocaster® ($3,299.99) Available October The Limited Edition American Acoustasonic® Stratocaster® features new exotic tonewoods for neck and body that continue to embody the spirit of purposeful innovation that drives Fender guitars. The power of the Fender and Fishman®-designed Acoustic Engine is sure to deliver true inspiration with over 10 different body style and wood combinations. From acoustic shapeshifting to electric rhythm tones, this extremely versatile guitar creates a brand-new lane on the sonic highway. Additional features include a mod knob to select and blend voices, an Acoustasonic Noiseless ™ magnetic pickup – Under-Saddle Piezo/Internal Body Sensor/ N4 Magnetic. The Limited Edition American Acoustasonic® Stratocaster® is offered in a Cocobolo body with a White Limba neck and a Ziricote body with a Black Limba neck.

Mod Shop Acoustasonic® Telecaster® (Prices vary based upon build, starting price $2,199.99) Available Now On the heels of introducing a second body shape to the Acoustasonic family, Fender will be expanding its availability to the Mod Shop platform within the U.S. only. With the Mod Shop Acoustasonic Telecaster, consumers will be able to spec their own model with additional options to choose from, over and above what the series currently offers.

California Traditional ($429.99-$799.99) Available August In an effort to offer guitars that speak to the traditional acoustic player, Fender has expanded the California Series™ to include California Traditional models. The series combines Fender’s electric legacy with the earthy, organic vibe of a traditional acoustic guitar. The bold, balanced sound of these instruments make them a natural partner for the stage and the studio. With a solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides – plus natural rosettes, binding and pickguard –the designs are not flashy, rather they embody the relaxed feeling of Southern California. A 6-in-line tilt-back headstock is new to these models and gives the guitars increased sustain, while the solid tonewoods – including all-new solid mahogany on the Special models – allow for beautiful resonance. Every guitar is paired with a Fender- and Fishman-designed preamp system voiced specifically for each model to reproduce the natural sound of the guitar when plugged into an amp. With necks inspired by Fender electrics, these guitars are comfortable, easy to play and they stand out in the crowd. From unique, traditional aesthetics to superb sound, the California Traditional acoustics are a go-to for players of all levels. To learn more about Fender’s California Traditional series. Models include:

Malibu™ Classic ($799.99) This small-body, short-scale acoustic-electric offers a comfortable feel that encourages players to reach for new chords and melodies.

Newporter™ Classic ($799.99) Explore your creativity with the bold looks and inspiring sound of the Newporter Classic – featuring a solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides, and designed specifically for performing.

Redondo™ Classic ($799.99) Bold and brash with a solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides, the sound of this dreadnought acoustic was designed to inspire from the moment you pick it up.

Malibu™ Special ($729.99) Disrupt the status quo with the Malibu Special, a small-body short scale acoustic-electric with a solid mahogany top, back and sides that brings a comfortable feel, encouraging players to reach for new chords and melodies.

Newporter™ Special ($729.99) Explore your individual creativity with the bold looks and inspiring sound of the Newporter Special, inspired by Fender’s electric legacy.

Redondo™ Special ($729.99) Bold and brash, the sound of this dreadnought acoustic was designed to bring inspiration from Fender’s electric legacy the moment you pick it up.

Malibu™ Player ($429.99) Disrupt the status quo with the Malibu Player, a small-body short scale acoustic-electric with a comfortable feel that will encourage you to reach for new chords and melodies.

Newporter™ Player ($429.99) Explore your creativity with the bold looks and inspiring sound of the Newporter Player.

Redondo™ Player ($429.99) Bold and brash, the sound of this dreadnought acoustic was designed to inspire from the moment you pick it up.


In 2020, Fender continues to expand and innovate its line-up of industry-leading amplifiers, with new additions to the first-of-its-kind Tone Master™ Series and a new selection of acoustic guitar amplifiers. Fender is extending its hugely popular Tone Master Series with the Tone Master Deluxe Reverb BlondeAmplifier ($999.99) and the Tone Master Twin Reverb Blonde Amplifier ($1,099.99) Available September. Both paired with all-new Celestion® G12 NEO Creamback speakers for a more distinctive rock ‘n’ roll flavor. Additionally, the Tone Master Deluxe Reverb has been modified to remove the virtual bright cap on the Vibrato channel, giving modern players greater tonal flexibility when using distortion and overdrive pedals. These amplifiers use massive digital processing power to achieve a single remarkable sonic feat: faithfully modeling the circuitry and power output of original tube amps. The result is tubeless tube tone, volume and dynamics virtually indistinguishable from the all-tube original.

The blonde vinyl covering elegantly evokes a classic early-’60s Fender vibe, and front panel features give guitarists a playing experience identical to the tube version – including Fender’s world-standard reverb and tremolo effects. Additional rear-panel features deliver modern convenience and flexibility —including an output power selector for full power and five attenuated settings, balanced XLR line output with impulse response (IR) cabinet simulations captured with Shure SM57 and Sennheiser MD421 microphones, mute switch for silent stage or recording, and more.

Fender is also adding best-in-class acoustic guitar amplifiers designed to deliver fidelity, performance and great vibe. They are ultra-portable and versatile, yet quite uncomplicated – perfect for the acoustic-electric guitarist and vocalist. The all-new Acoustic Junior, Acoustic Junior Go, and Acoustic SFX II have pure fidelity, generous output power, studio-grade effects, lightweight plywood cabinets, a 60-second looper and more.

Enter the Acoustic Junior ($379.99) and The Acoustic Junior GO ($499.99) Available November These amplifiers deliver full, natural, best-in-class performance for acoustic-electric guitar and vocals. The Acoustic Junior GO also features a rechargeable battery, so you can unplug it from the wall and take your music anywhere.

The Acoustic SFX® II ($599.99) Available November offers two channels designed for instrument or microphone use, each with studio-quality effects enhanced by our proprietary Stereo Field Expansion technology for room-filling, more-than-stereo imaging.


Since its 2018 inception, Fender Effects has become increasingly well-known for its innovative original pedals, expanding its range to cover even more areas of the pedalboard than ever before Fender introduces their newest offerings, including the Acoustic Preverb, Tread-Light™ Wah and Volume pedals, and the Trapper Bass Distortion. The enclosures are engineered for heavy-duty use, while the LED backlight readies players to take the stage and give their best performance in any environment. Models include:

Acoustic Preverb ($169.99) Available November Featuring three distinctly “voiced for Acoustic guitar” reverb settings and a high-fidelity preamp, this pedal is the ultimate ambience machine.

Tread-Light™ Wah Pedal ($99.99) Available November Fenders’ Tread-Light™ Wah Pedal features adjustable treble and a three-way top-mounted mid-frequency toggle for a variety of tonal options. It contains a unique, switchable under-treadle LED that allows for ease of visibility on stage under any light.

Tread-Light™ Volume/Expression Pedal ($99.99) Available November Fender’s Tread-Light™ Volume/Expression Pedal helps you control your stage volume for enhanced dynamic performance and also acts as an expression pedal for use with other effects pedals and keyboards.

Trapper Bass Distortion ($169.99) Available November Add some crunch to your low end with the Trapper Bass Distortion. The main distortion channel features a crossover-blend circuit to preserve clean low frequency information for clarity and punch while an additional ‘solo’ distortion channel provides added gain and crunch.


Squier and beginner fans will not be disappointed this summer as the brand diversifies with its Squier Mini Series – the perfect companion for players seeking a smaller-sized guitar or bass with classic style and familiar Fender® tone.

Mini Stratocaster® ($179.99) and Mini Stratocaster® Left-Handed ($179.99) Available Now A smaller version of the Bullet® Strat®, this guitar is great for beginners and players with smaller hands. Grab it in Black or Dakota Red.

Mini Precision Bass® ($179.99) Available Now Featuring a thin and lightweight body, an easy to play “C”-shaped neck profile and a hardtail bridge for solid tuning stability. Available in Black or Dakota Red.

Mini Jazzmaster® HH ($179.99) Available Now A reduced-size option for Jazzmaster fans and aspiring players. Comes with dual Squier humbucking pickups with 3-way switching for true Squier sonic variety, available in a selection of classic colors including Daphne Blue and Surf Green.


The 2020 Fender portfolio of accessories speaks not only to a player’s comfort level – but their personal style as well. Offerings include all-new mojo grip picks in a variety of designs and thicknesses and a wide variety of straps, including the Serape, Sonoran, Quickgrip, Legacy Monogram straps, as well as offerings in new Wild faux snakeskin and animal print patterns. Players can mod out their guitars with American Professional Stratocaster and Telecaster necks, American Ultra Noiseless Pickups and CuNiFe wide range bridge and neck pickups. Protect your gear from wear and tear with Strap Blocks and Tweed Pedalboard Cases in a variety of sizes, or travel into the great outdoors with our sturdy foam Busker dreadnought case.

Accessories will be available for purchase Summer/Early Fall 2020.


Fender continues to deliver trendy, comfortable styles across its apparel collections with the introduction of cool Hawaiian button-ups, summer-inspired tees and rocker-chic bandanas. Collections also include new men’s and women’s t-shirts, hats and jackets in a wide variety of styles, fits, and sizes up to 3X, trending colors and fan-favorite designs. Additional lifestyle products include a Fullerton Shop Jacket, Twin Palms-inspired water bottle and mug, new hats and the following:

Fender Hawaiian Button-Up Shirt ($69.99) Available in red and brown, this button-up classic is guaranteed to get that guitar-strumming on point.

Endless Summer T-Shirt ($19.99/$20.99): Celebrate those beautiful California sunsets all year round withFender’s endless summer t-shirt featuring bold colors and a trusty Fender axe.

Fender Black Bandana ($14.99): Complete your rocker look with this versatile guitar-inspired bandana. Made of 100% cotton and available in black.

For technical specs, additional information on new Fender products and to find a retail partner near you, visit www.fender.com. Join the conversation on social media by following @Fender.

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