Introducing the Gibson Generation Group – Class of 2023; Powerful Two-Year Program Features A Diverse Generation of Young Guitar Players

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NASHVILLE, TN (August 4, 2021) For 127 years, Gibson–the iconic American instrument brand–has shaped sound across generations and genres of music, becoming one of the most relevant, played, and loved guitar brands around the world. Music that inspired generational movements was written and performed by young artists with their Gibson and Epiphone guitars and Gibson is dedicated to developing the next generation of music creators with the Gibson Generation Group. A powerful two-year program, the Gibson Generation Group (Gibson G3), fosters a diverse new generation of young guitar-players, songwriters, and music creators across the globe. Today, Gibson has revealed the new Gibson Generation Group — Class of 2023.

The Gibson Generation Group (Gibson G3) is a global collective of talented musicians who receive one-on-one career growth opportunities, mentoring and develop lasting connections in the music industry from the Gibson Leadership and Cultural Influence teams. Gibson G3 members receive worldwide, one-of-a-kind performance opportunities with music superstars, brand, and festival partners, participate in global advertising campaigns, as well as create, and receive quality content and promotion to build their audience to hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide.

“We are excited to carry the momentum of the Gibson Generation Group forward with this new group of members,” says Jenny Marsh, Head of Gibson G3 Global Program, Gibson Brands Entertainment Relations. “We can’t wait to introduce them to the Gibson global fanbase. The Gibson G3 program keeps all of us at Gibson focused on our artist-first culture that is engaged and connected to music.”

Over the past two and a half years, Gibson has launched successful music initiatives built around their iconic brands, premium guitars, and amazing artists. Not to mention the initiatives that have re-energized the Gibson fanbase and the music community including Gibson Artist Collections, Gibson TV, the Gibson App, Gibson Gives, and the newly opened cultural experience space the Gibson Garage in the heart of downtown Nashville. Gibson will continue to work with the new Gibson Generation Group — Class of 2023 to promote their eclectic music to fans around the world.

Introducing the incoming Gibson Generation Group — Class of 2023:

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