Sheptone Pickups Now Officially Available on La Grange Guitars


JULIAN, CALIF. — Sheptone pickups are now available on La Grange handcrafted guitars. Both brands began with a quest for authenticity and unrivaled vintage tone. They embarked on separate, yet related journeys with a similar commitment to craftsmanship. Fortunately, their paths have now crossed, resulting in a perfect combination and an unrivaled tonal experience for electric guitar players.

Sheptone began with a mission to replicate vintage tone more affordably. Founder Jeff “Shep” Shepherd had invested in a set of 1958 Gibson PAFs (Patent Applied For), and the difference was incredible, as was the price tag. Shep began winding his own pickups, eventually replicating the tone of the 1958 originals, but he didn’t stop there. He analyzed over 100 vintage humbuckers and developed a consistent method in producing affordably priced alternatives. The result of his efforts can now be heard in the dynamic “tone machines” of La Grange boutique guitars.

On any of the La Grange models, customers can choose Sheptone pickups to provide a wide range of tones, from fat and juicy low ends to sparkling highs, with plenty of grit in the middle. For example, the Grand Wheel is a deluxe semi-hollowed body made with the best possible tonal woods. The combination of that guitar with a set of Sheptone Heartbreakers rings like a bell with outstanding sustain and natural reverb. Together they create a tone lovers paradise.


While training as a luthier in Tel-Aviv, La Grange founder Benjamin Wasservogel learned that what makes a handmade instrument so special, beyond the quality of the materials, is the soul that the builder breathes into the body. In this way, the guitar has its own life and its own voice. With equal respect for craftsmanship and high-quality materials, Sheptone hand-builds pickups that are worthy of conveying the unique voice of each La Grange guitar. Hear it for yourself by visiting

Learn more about Sheptone’s full range of humbuckers and pickups by visiting


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