VocoPro Launches IEM-900-Band, Longer Range Stereo Wireless In-Ear Monitor Systems for Duos and Bands


LOS ANGELES, Calif. March 29, 2021—Wireless systems are getting even better for bands seeking professional wireless monitor solutions, and audio leader VocoPro is pushing that technology even further with its new IEM-900-Band, a longer range (600 ft. line of sight), stereo/dual mono system available in two or four transmitter/bodypack options.

Using the IEM-900-Band stereo long-range wireless in-ear monitor system, each band member can clearly hear a stereo or dual-mono mix, This could be the vocals or instrument on one side and the overall band mix on the other side, allowing each band member to control and hear their own instruments/vocal as well as the overall mix using their receiver pack. All band members can receive their own unique mix without complicated sync or set up necessary.

The all-inclusive system comes with a gig bag and an adjustable stand for the optimal height adjustment (to reduce signal interference) when necessary.

VocoPro’s new IEM-900-Band System Includes: 


IEM-900 Long-range (600 ft line of sight) transmitter x 2
IEM-900 Stereo body-pack receiver x 2
Body pack pouch x 2
Bag-900 x 1
SS-99 stand x 1
Stand adapter x1
IE-9 x 2


IEM-900 Long range (600 ft line of sight) transmitter x 4
IEM-900 stereo body-pack receiver x 4
Body pack pouch x 4
Bag-900 x 1
SS-99 Stand x 1
Stand adapter x 1
IE-9 x 4


Four transmitters/four receivers
$799.00 MAP

Two transmitters/two receivers
$499.00 MAP

Additional IEM-900 Receivers