Metal rocker Lana Blac premiere’s her new single ‘Pick Your Poison’

Lana Blac
Lana Blac exclusively premiere's her new single, "Pick Your Poison," with Guitar Girl Magazine

Today, singer-songwriter and metal rocker, Lana Blac, releases her new single “Pick Your Poison” exclusively with Guitar Girl Magazine. Blac will perform this evening, Aug. 17, at the Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck, NJ as part of “Lane Six Presents: Women That Rock.” For more information and ticket inquiries, click here.

Blac is a New York-based singer-songwriter, and has been building up her fanbase organically online and is releasing a series of new songs. She has gained a loyal following with over one-hundred thousands likes on Facebook and Instagram alone. Her sound is reminiscent of In This Moment, Rob Zombie, Madonna and Evanescence. Blac will release her debut album soon, after having spent more than five years writing for it. The album is produced by Tim McMurtrie and Eric Rachel, and will release on Oct. 19, 2018.

With her new single premiering today, Blac shares:


“Why hello my Darling Darklings. It is my pleasure to introduce my new single, “Pick Your Poison.”  I’ve been waiting for what seems like a century to release my pain upon you all.  Do not worry it is not my intention to have you drink the dose… or is it? Ha ha ha!

We all know that I have seen many of the 7 Deadly Sins throughout my 300 plus years,  however, I’m choosing to invite you into my dark realm of pain.  Of course, we have experienced the pain of love & loss.  Even this vampire has been put through the wringer… Yes, my Darling Darklings, Ms. Blac has had her heart ripped out of her chest and stomped all over.

I chose, with this song, to allow you into my world of pain.  The song is about love and giving oneself to another only to be thoroughly betrayed. I, yes I, have been betrayed and I died a slow inner death. “Pick Your Poison” gives the person who slain me over and over again the choice of how they will die. They are given the choice of which deadly dose of poison to take.  Either way, they will die, but they have a choice as to which way they will die, as death is inevitable my Darling Darklings.  Take this as a warning… don’t mess with Ms Blac. Enjoy!”

Listen exclusively to “Pick Your Poison” via the streaming link below:

Connect with Lana Blac on Instagram and Facebook.

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