Abigail Nelson on new single “This Is Me Leaving”

Taylor Olthoff Photography
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Who:     My name is Abigail Neilson and I’m a country/pop artist currently based in Seattle, WA. I just dropped a brand new single.

What:   “This Is Me Leaving”

Where: Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and any other streaming platform!

When:  November 13th, 2020

Why:  “This Is Me Leaving” is a song that exemplifies the feeling of freedom and independence you feel after letting go of a person who caused you so much heartache. The feeling of knowing you’ve been waiting on someone who doesn’t want you anymore sinks in, and the decision of holding on for longer or letting go must be made, and you choose to let go. The chorus hits, echoing the words, “finally facing the feeling, of letting go of you,” which is a very painful thing to confront yourself with, but instead of dreading this feeling, it’s embraced. This song gives the listener a hard-hitting sense of freedom and independence after a long time spent waiting.

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