AMY CORREIA Returns to Lakeville for Her New Video “Bow to the Fire”

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Lakeville, MA & Altadena, CA — Amy Correia releases a new video for “Bow to the Fire,” the first track from her acclaimed new EP As We Are. “Bow” speaks to the godsend of the creative process in one’s art and life. Director Jessie Carter Clavin and Correia took an impressionistic, slice of life approach in shooting the video, assembling moments to reflect a feeling of immediacy through changing seasons and shifting locales. 

Correia says: The seed idea for the video was an image in my mind’s eye of my mom dancing, as my dad had told me in a phone call that she leapt up and started dancing when she first heard the song. That central image of spontaneity, playfulness and joy sparked a trip to visit my parents in their home in Massachusetts, and they agreed to make cameo appearances in the video. We then went back to California to capture celebratory footage of blossoming cherry trees and performance with Kimon Kirk, my good friend and the producer of As We Are, who also played bass on the album.”

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