Australia’s Lila Gold drops whimsical new tune, “Happy Idiot”


Lila Gold’s sound echoes the past while having one foot planted 5 minutes into the future. There’s an air of edge that clings to her, shining through in her new single ‘Happy Idiot’, a song she wrote with a shadow over her back, a flighty and restless weight.

With previous single “Loveless” a resonating force of dystopia and bittersweet hooks, gaining both Triple J Unearthed and online critical acclaim she now unleashes her next track “Happy Idiot”, co-written with L.K. McKay, produced by Tremelokid and L.K. McKay (Tkay Maidza) with mixing by Geoff Swan (Charlie XCX, Grimes, Chvrches). One listen to “Happy Idiot” reveals a private universe of a surreal and whimsical world mirroring moody and insecure mixed emotions, resonating the nature of Gen Y. Fuelled with cold digital circuits which all might come “unhinged’ if not for the insidious melodic candy the song has in spades.

“I think I sound a bit kooky and crazy in the recording, I love that the most. It’s unsettling as much as it is hypnotic and melodic. it’s about the perpetual pursuit and navigation of seeking intimacy, validation and amusement as millennials and the disillusion that warps and wraps around us sometimes.” – Lila Gold


Raised between Sydney and NYC her musical aesthetic blends equal parts of both a mystical, playful nature and the honesty of a raw NYC disposition, giving her uniqueness beyond the realm of pop de jour.

L.G invites the listener into another shimmering layer of her musical cosmos, exposing the hushed chaos of emotions. Sharing mysterious desires and curious thoughts, this young starlet crystallizes her artistic voice with one thing perpetually clear — Lila Gold is one to keep on your radar.

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~ March 22nd – Public Arts, NYC – Supporting Wafia

~ March 27th – Elsewhere Zone One, Brooklyn – Supporting Maria Lynn


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