Bones UK Delivers Haunting Performance from Safe House in Austin, TX

This Unplugged Experience is Presented by The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour

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In December, Bones UK partnered with the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour for EARTHWALKERS: a new tour experience for the pandemic age. In a bid to reconnect with fans and solve the problems the world is currently facing, the band has delivered a series of powerful performances, including one from a quarantine bunker and a sonically distanced gig from the middle of a football field…for just one fan.

With coronavirus restrictions and bad weather derailing plans for some of their COVID-safe appearances, Rosie Bones and Carmen Vandenberg doubled down on their EARTHWALKERS mantra: “Where there’s a will, there is always a way.” The result is a breathtakingly beautiful performance delivered from their safe house — The Bloomhouse, the fantastical fairytale home set amidst the hills west of Austin, Texas. The show, performed from its beautiful natural venue, allows Bones UK to safely perform for fans who, like the band, are aching to reconnect.  

Featuring both in-person and virtual appearances and performances, EARTHWALKERS features Bones UK navigating the ever-changing conditions that the pandemic continues to present. In a timetable like no other, EARTHWALKERS is a tour like no other.

To journey alongside Bones UK for Monster Energy Outbreak Presents: EARTHWALKERS, visit

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