Music Premiere: Pop-rock Sister Trio Hello Sister’s New Single “Wave of LOVE”

Photo by Margot Mason
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Meet Hello Sister, the Orlando based trio of sisters Grace, Gabriella, and Scarlett Mason. The tween sensations have formulated a pop-rock sound that is just as infectious as it is fun—the perfect feel-good music. We are pleased to premiere their new single “Wave of LOVE” just in time for Valentine’s Day, which will have you on your feet dancing in no time.

The song officially drops on all major digital music and streaming platforms beginning on Friday, Feb. 12, and can be pre-saved at

“We are so excited to release our new original song ‘Wave of LOVE’,” said Grace Mason! “This song is about faith and love and always trying to be positive.” 

“Right now the world is hurting and we wanted to bring a ‘wave of LOVE’ to everyone who may be struggling,” says Gabriella Mason. “With our lyrics ‘one smile can change everything’ and ‘let’s ride this wave of love’ we wanted to spread lots of happiness and fun! What’s your #WaveofLOVE?”

Born into a musical family as the sisters’ father, Tim Mason, was a pop R&B songwriter who charted songs on Billboard in Canada and Europe. The new single was actually written over twenty years ago by their father, and the sisters are bringing it to life.

“We are so proud to have been able to remake and sing this song that was written by our Dad many years ago,” said Hello Sister’s drummer, Scarlett Mason.

We recently caught up with the young musicians about their pilot TV show, Pop Through the Decades, and the new music they have scheduled to come out later this year. Here’s what they had to say.

What inspired you to start playing music?

Many years ago, our dad was in a band in his home country of Canada and toured a lot internationally. Our dad is always picking up his guitar, writing songs, and jamming with us. With our dad’s love of music and our mom’s love of listening to all his songs, we were lucky to always have music being played! Grace started singing and playing piano at a young age; soon after, Gabriella picked up the guitar, and Scarlett joined in on the drums. It is so much fun playing music together.

Do you feel that being sisters makes it easier or harder to be in a band? 

In our opinion, we think being sisters is easier when in a band. We can always play together, and if we get into an argument, it’s easier to make up with each other because we all live together! At the end of the day, we just remember that we’re family, and we’re each other’s best friends.

Have you encountered any challenges as young females in the music industry? 

No, not really. The only thing is that sometimes people aren’t sure that we actually play all the instruments that we do because we are younger than the average band.

Did you decide you were going to be in a band first and then learned your instruments, or was it the other way around? How did you decide what instrument each member would play?

We actually all started playing separate instruments. Our dad was in a band, so he would sing and play guitar around the house all the time. Grace started piano and loved singing at a young age all the time and started to write little songs. Scarlett loved to bang on stuff all the time, which was perfect for a drum player! When Scarlett was around four, she received an electric drum set and loved it so much and banged on it way too hard, so it ended up breaking. Gabriella was given a guitar at the age of six, and she loved playing it so much. In the beginning, she would complain about her fingers hurting. Our dad would always tell her the story about Bryan Adams’ line in the song “Summer of 69,” “played it till my fingers bled,” and it would make Gab laugh and motivated. Grace started the bass once we decided we wanted to form the band. It has been so great getting to play together!

Photo by Margot Mason

I understand you’re working on a pilot TV show, Pop Through the Decades. Can you tell us a little bit about that? What can viewers expect, and where can they see it?

Pop Through The Decades is so fun, and the pilot episode is currently on YouTube with almost 100,000 views. We thought it would be fun to follow “pop culture” throughout the decades by choosing a song, an awesome video, and an artist to study and recreate! We were so lucky to have met and spoken with Dez Dickerson, who was Prince’s guitar player. We jumped into the eighties and looked at the fashion, the songs, and then recreated Prince’s iconic hit “1999.”

Do you each have distinct personalities that make the band what it is? If so, what are they?

Yes, we all have different ways of doing things and strengths. Scarlett is the techy arranging beats and recording; Grace is great at organizing the vocals and harmonies, literally always singing! Gabriella keeps everyone calm and brings the music to life with her guitar.

Has being in a band affected your relationships with your friends? 

Our friends are the best, and they are super supportive!

What is the songwriting process like? Do all of you write the music together?

For songwriting, we all work together; sometimes, one of us has the melody and runs to the piano and guitar and thinks of a catchy hook, and then we come up with the chords. Our dad is always singing around the house, and with the studio in our house, we are so lucky to be able to write anytime!

I understand you will be releasing one song a month in 2021. Please tell us what we can expect to be hearing. Will these be covers, originals? Will there be videos? Where can we see and hear them?

We are excited to be releasing all-new original music. All of the songs will have videos! Our first release will be in February! We will release all songs on our YouTube channel and all major digital music platforms.

Please let us know about other plans you have for the future.

We are going to continue to write and perform together as a band and hope to do some collaborations with other artists. This year we are focusing on releasing our new music and can’t wait to share it with everyone! It’s rock and pop combined, and we are super excited with our new sound. We are also working on new episodes of Pop Through The Decades and Mission Hello Sister’s Animated Series.

We also have a goal to be great role models for our generation and continue to support the charities we have been lucky to be involved with in 2020.


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