BONNER BLACK Releases New Single “Midnight Blue”

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 April 8 2022– Indie pop, Singer-songwriter Bonner Black is thrilled to release her new single “Midnight Blue” that is out now.

Black developed a lifelong curiosity for space exploration from her grandfather, Richard Black, a Rocket Scientist for NASA who worked on the Apollo Missions. The glittering acoustic guitar intro sounds like stars paving the way for Black’s soaring cosmic vocal lift in the first line of the chorus. You’ll feel like the main character in your own Indie Film with technicolor lyrics so vivid it’s like you’re really there. It’s powerful, honest songwriting from beginning to end.

The classically trained ballerina turned Nashville Indie Pop singer/songwriter from Hot Rock, TN, defies simple description and requires paragraphs, not words. Black started dancing at a very young age and was a Senior Company member under Clinton Rothwell at the Academy of Classic Arts in Huntsville, AL before deciding to dedicate her life to music.

She taught herself to play guitar in her early teen years, and started writing and performing in Nashville 3-5 days a week at 14. Dropping out of high school at 17, Black moved to Nashville to continue honing her craft and embarked on her first regional tour throughout the Southeast shortly thereafter. During that same time, Black participated in four lobbying trips with NSAI to Washington, DC to advocate for songwriters and copyright law reformation. In 2016, she was awarded the Artist Entrepreneur Award by The Oxford Center of Entrepreneurs at The Times Center in New York City.

Fast forward to today, and her music springs from many facets like rainbows of light and color showcasing her Southern roots blended with catchy melodies and lyrics. As an independent artist, Black has amassed over 140k streams across all platforms while cultivating an enthusiastic and engaged fan base and online community.

 “Midnight Blue” is Out Everywhere at:


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