Online Immersive Learning Course Features Founder Jennifer Batten and Superstar Instructors Nili Brosh, Vicki Genfan, Daniele Gottardo, Mark Lettieri, Gretchen Menn, and David Walliman

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Portland, OR – February 4, 2021 – The astounding guitarist Dweezil Zappa — who is also the foremost musicologist, interpreter, evangelist, and performer of the Frank Zappa catalog — joins the party at the February 19-22 Guitar Cloud Symposium.

Appearing at an exclusive Monday, February 22 hang-out for registrants of the four-day online seminar, Zappa will be available to talk about his legendary father, discuss his Runnin’ with the Dweezil podcast on the late Eddie Van Halen, detail the “humane technology” of his Reward Music initiative, share his views on guitar gear and technique, and much more! Free sponsor giveaways are also scheduled during the Dweezil Zappa meet and greet.

Jennifer Batten’s acclaimed Guitar Cloud Symposium guitar mastery program teaches deep creative concepts, innovative techniques, and targeted stylistic disciplines — all designed to nurture and empower guitarists who wish to truly advance their skill set on the instrument.

The exclusive February 19-22 curriculum offers the following learning modules and teachers:

  • Jennifer Batten: The GCS founder and former guitarist for Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck offers Tapping 2.0 Basics (and Going Deeper), Intervallic Playing 2.0, and Enhanced Expression Using the Tremolo Bar and Whammy Pedal.
  • Nili Brosh: Fresh from joining Danny Elfman’s band (and formerly with Tony MacAlpine and Cirque du Soleil), Brosh teaches Aspects of Melodic Soloing (note choice, creating tension and release, emotive articulations through slides and bending techniques, and the fundamentals of phrasing).
  • Mark Lettieri: The phenomenal Snarky Puppy guitarist reveals his approach to Funk Rhythm Guitar.
  • David Walliman: Finding Your Hook, Reconnecting to Your Inner Musician and bringing out all the ideas that are inside of you through the guitar.
  • Daniele Gottardo: Chordal Tapping II, Adding Rhythmic Variety to Your Leads.
  • Vicki Genfan: Acoustic Percussive Techniques 2.0, Jamming in Open D, Fingerpicking Fundamentals.
  • Gretchen Menn: Developing Your Ear, Music Theory II: Modes, Harmonics II.

In addition, the February 19-22 Guitar Cloud Symposium session ensures there are ample “question periods” for students to personally interact with the instructors after each module. And, of course, Guitar Cloud Symposium experiences are all about mentoring opportunities and having fun while learning.

The growing GCS community features an active Members Only Facebook page and free monthly Zoom chats for alumni, as well as alumni registration discounts.

Register now at https://guitarcloudsymposium.com/register

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