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Ear Trumpet Labs Announces Ed New Product Available Now

PORTLAND, OR (April 1, 2022)… Ear Trumpet Labs is proud to announce their newest model and largest achievement to date, Ed. The skilled craftspeople in their Portland workshop have taken their flagship model, Edwina, and enhanced it threefold. Over 25 inches tall and weighing in at 11.5 pounds, Ed may be the world’s biggest condenser microphone. With an eye-catching form and Ear Trumpet Labs’ signature natural tone, Ed has an undeniable stage presence for the creative performer. Special thanks to Hanna Haas and Alberta Rose Theatre for debuting Ed.

If you are interested in purchasing Ed, contact Ear Trumpet Labs.

Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2011, Ear Trumpet Labs is a craft builder of unique microphones for adventurous musicians and recording artists. Combining technical expertise, the highest grade hand-selected electrical components, and a sculptural aesthetic, the company is committed to a hand-built craft workshop approach to providing the best looking and sounding microphones.

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