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Joyce Kennedy of Mother’s Finest Proves That Age Is No Number When It Comes to Musical Passion in Latest EP Rock’n My Soul

July 15th, 2022: Joyce Kennedy of Mother’s Finest proves that rock n’ roll will never die in EP Rock’n My Soul. The EP is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Rock’n My Soul is a tour-de-force in the rock/funk fusion genre, bringing together high energy instrumentals with Joyce “Baby Jean” Kennedy’s powerful vocals and ripping, confident lyrics.

The opening track, “My Bad,” builds quickly from an engaging rock riff into lyrics that effortlessly meld religious imagery with the idea of rock as a concept. The instrumentals are extremely powerful, having you in awe of beats you never knew you could experience. The chorus confidently chants, “the rock’s gotten in my soul,” displaying how this isn’t just music, it’s a way of life and a creed as deep as any religious one.

The second track, “Love Me, Love Me,” paints a sultry picture of the narrator telling the subject of the song to “love [her] all night long.” The track’s funky guitar riffs and steady drums perfectly accompany the lyrics as we hear of this person leaving in the morning, but not without the knowledge that they will come back for another night. Kennedy is confident, and it shows in her strong delivery as she sings the gentle yet commanding lyrics of this track.

The EP’s third track, “Do Me Right,” switches things up sonically by introducing gorgeous piano chords and chill synths to the mix. Kennedy doesn’t shy away from innuendo, with the chorus proclaiming “do me right/or don’t do me at all.” Backing vocalists add an angelic layer to these seductive lyrics. A headbang worthy guitar solo takes the reins in the latter half of this track, accompanied by the funky drum beat that follows the rest of this song.

Photo by Allen Ross Thomas

The fourth track, “Save Me,” opens with gentle guitar chords, foreshadowing the overall lower energy of this track. The track carries the overall vibe of an end-credits song from a mid-2000s teen movie with an always-present rock edge, wistful, but self-assured.

It’s a great emotional buffer before the penultimate track of the EP, “Funk A-While,” which boasts the highest energy of anything on this EP. Lyrics dripping with desire and sexuality are overlaid by backing vocals that really give this song a personal depth.

The EP’s final track, “Tears of Stone,” brings the energy down before ascending to one final stroke of greatness with a gripping rap feature. Truly the highlight of this EP, bringing together all the emotions established earlier on and depicting that lonely crash, that feeling when you need to cry but are unable to. The listener is picked up from their emotional low by the engaging feature, melding banging instrumentals with clever, relevant bars. This EP truly is a stellar example of Kennedy’s style, and sure to be a great fit for any rock/funk playlist.


1. “My Bad”
2. “Love Me, Love Me
3. “Do Me Right”
4. “Save Me”
5. “Funk A-While”
6. “Tears of Stone”

All songs written by Sandra St. Victor, Uwe Metzler, R. Sellier, and Joyce “Baby Jean” Kennedy
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