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Kaylee Federmann Returns with New Single, “I’ll Follow”

Singer-songwriter Kaylee Federmann is laying all the cards out with her new single, “I’ll Follow.” Heralding stars such as Vanessa Carlton and Michelle Branch, the song features Federmann’s intimate storytelling framed with irresistible beats. In a year that’s often been all-too heavy, “I’ll Follow” is a pop-rock breath of fresh air; a call for living in the moment and embracing all the possibilities.

“Something that’s always been important to me is the idea of being listened to and heard,” says Kaylee. “When people listen to my music I want them to feel like we are having a conversation — that we’re the only two people in the room and that their thoughts and feelings are heard. I want them to feel like nothing has been passed aside…while, of course, still jamming out to the song and having fun,” says Kaylee.

For Federmann, it’s an exciting time to be releasing a new single. The young artist was recently nominated for New Artist of the Year and Pop Artist of the Year for the Boston Music Awards. Voting is open to the public until November first, and winners will be announced virtually on December 11th.

The Newton, MA native began writing music at the age of 12 as a means to cope with her Executive Functioning Disorder, a disorder that falls under the umbrella of dyslexia. “When words are put to melodies — when you have control over them — that’s when it becomes fun,” she says. “When they’re your own, you can understand them.”

Federmann pulls inspiration from everywhere, including TV and movies, keeping notes filled with words and ideas inside her phone. Her songwriting and performing influences range from Ed Sheeran and Paul McCartney to Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift.

Federmann has been recording music since the age of 16. Now attending Berklee School of Music, she released her first single over the summer, “Hero.” The song, written with a group of collaborators in Nashville, is a salute to the first responders and front line workers who have kept everything running and safe during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. (Video here.)

Watch the lyric video for “I’ll Follow” below.

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