Megan Knight Is Live From The NuttHouse Studio Performing Her New Single “Take It To The Grave”

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March 25th, 2022 (Nashville, TN): Megan Knight is live from The NuttHouse Studio performing her new hit single “Take It To The Grave”. Her live performance video of “Take It To The Grave” is available now via YouTube. Click here to watch.

“In this track, the woman was left feeling unloved and had acted out because of it, now as she sits in regret she wonders if she should confess her wrongs or simply keep them buried in the past forever.” – Megan Knight

The beautiful and talented Megan Knight’s new live performance video of “Take It To The Grave” is going to give you chills! The powerful theme of leaving some things “better left unsaid” feels so powerful when you can watch the emotion behind the lyrics on Megan’s face. Everybody has that deep dark secret that will be taken to the grave. Megan’s ruby red shirt and lips contrast the dark underlying theme of the song. Megan’s deep and powerful vocals are paired with a slow tempo and acoustic guitar. It is the perfect combination!

“Take It To The Grave” Credits
Written and Produced by: Megan Knight, James LeBlanc, Jimmy Nutt

Recorded, Mixed and Master by Jimmy Nutt at NuttHouse Studio, Muscle Shoals, AL.

Vocal: Megan Knight

Acoustic and Electric Guitars: James LeBlanc

Drums: Tommy Harden

Drums and Percussion:  Jimmy Nutt

Piano and Synth: Johnathan Brown

Backing Vocals: James LeBlanc

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