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Music Licensing Platform SyncFloor Attracts $200K Investment from Betaworks Audiocamp

SyncFloor, the commercial music marketplace powered by natural language search, has been accepted as part of Betaworks Audiocamp program. In addition to extensive mentoring and support, SyncFloor will receive $200K in funding to jumpstart its next business initiatives.

“This marks the next step in our push to change how sync deals are made and how production professionals and music supervisors find music,” says Cestjon McFarland, veteran IP attorney and co-founder of SyncFloor. The investment will help SyncFloor implement several key integrations with industry partners.

“Synchronization licensing is a massively inefficient market stuck in the last century,” said Danika Laszuk, general manager of Betaworks Audiocamp. “SyncFloor has set out to transform this space by providing an elegant marketplace where content creators can efficiently locate and license high-quality commercial music. By enabling intuitive music discovery at scale and a virtually frictionless transaction flow, SyncFloor will unleash enormous growth potential in the sync license market. We are psyched to have SyncFloor in Audiocamp at Betaworks.”

SyncFloor addresses the ongoing challenges of finding the right music at the right price point for production professionals and music supervisors, and of breaking through the noise to the right ears for independent artists and labels. It sprang from co-founders Kirt Debique and Cestjon McFarland’s desire to expand sync opportunities for the independent artists they worked with, once Debique left his high-powered tech job at Microsoft and launched a label. SyncFloor allows users to search using cultural references and terms that capture the “vibe” of a track. It also gives helpful price ranges for licenses, letting supervisors find music that fits their budget as well as their artistic criteria. 

“We’re thrilled to have the investment and support from Betaworks as we create new ways to facilitate discovery and sync opportunities for a wide range of artists,” says Debique.

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