Music Premiere: Gerle releases new single “Worst Song Ever”


Showered in empowerment, Gerle explores the unique divinity of being human, knowing that every person can illuminate, can radiate, can be open and raw, feel sorrow, question tomorrow. She recognizes the need to help restore our humanity, our sense of decency, to ourselves, to the community. People can embrace their being, their sense of deity, their sexuality, their morality, their abnormalities.

The resonance of her voice, its innate power to connect with the hertz of the universe became a powerful form of therapy that gave her clarity. Gerle wants to share her gift because it helped her navigate to a better place.

Today, we’re premiering Gerle’s new single “Worst Song Ever.”


For me, this song is about throwing caution to the wind and letting go, venting in musical form. I got sick of brooding, so I went wild!

Tell us about your new music.

I was having a moment and being over the top. And then I thought, f*** it, let’s stop trying so hard to write amazing songs and write the worst song ever in the world!

What was the writing and recording process?

It was pretty much an epiphany, and once we had the concept figured out, it came together fast. We started with the track and then inserted annoying catchy lyrics, and boom, the “Worst Song Ever” was born.

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GGM Staff