Music Premiere: Jenane’s new single on embracing your sexuality in “Move Your Body”

Photo by Kelsey Page Photography
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Nashville-based pop/R&B artist Jenane is releasing her high-energy female empowerment song “Move Your Body” via Heart Song Records, and we’re proud to premiere the single today.

This song is all about shaking your booty without giving a damn about what anyone thinks. Women are constantly being criticized for embracing their sexuality, whether it be through twerking or simply wearing a crop top. “Move Your Body” encourages women to be the person that makes you happiest, so you can wear what you want and dance how you want and anyone who has a problem with it can mind their own business.

Tell us about your new music single.

This is a new song called “Move Your Body.” It is a high-energy dance track meant to get people moving and having fun. The inspiration behind it was to spread body positivity for women and show them that they should own who they are and have fun without having to worry about what others might think. This song really encompasses the kind of music I love to make and recording it has encouraged me to write music that is true to myself.

What was the writing and recording process?

This song is actually a topline to a beat from a producer named Rebbel. It was cowritten with Liz Labelle and Mark Demao, two close friends, who I often works with when writing. It was then as simple as hopping into Blackbird Studios and laying down the vocal recordings.

Short Bio courtesy of artist:

Jenane has been singing since she got her first solo in the fourth grade and has been surrounding herself with music ever since. Countless talent shows, choir, band, musicals, and voice lessons growing up have all helped her become the artist she is today. After graduating from Belmont University with a degree in Commercial Music in 2019, she threw herself into the music scene, playing in a party band at Tin Roofs all over the Southeast. She also does background vocals for a number of artists and some session work on the side. “Move Your Body” will be her first release, and she is so excited to be able to show the world her original music.

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