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Music Premiere: Nashville’s pop-sister duo GIRL907 releases Official Music Video for new single “Gotta Girlfriend”

Nashville pop sister duo GIRL907 is a brand new group made of sisters Rachele Lynae, known for her country career, and Heather Cole, who has her own solo pop career. Hailing from Kodiak, Alaska, the two sisters named the duo using the area code 907 where they grew up.  Having worked together in the past, the two came together in 2020 to create a new sound with a “modern twist on a throwback vibe.”


Today, we’re pleased to premiere the Official Music Video for their new single “Gotta Girlfriend.”

“We were daydreaming about what the video could be and Rachele joked, ‘It should just be us with boxing gloves yelling DON’T YA GOT A GIRLFRIEND!!’ Then we laughed and were like, wait a sec… that could actually be really cool.” -R&H

We’re excited to premiere the video for your new single, “Gotta Girlfriend.” This is a bit of a change from your country music. Please share with us the backstory for this new single.

“Haha! It is different for me, but not as different for Heather. When my sister and I came together as GIRL907, this new pop sound with a throwback vibe was born! Of course, as you can see with ‘Gotta Girlfriend,’ the love for sass is definitely still there. I wrote this one with Emily Jubb and Dee Briggs before GIRL907 was officially formed, but it’s like the song was made for us.” -R

“This song is way more relatable than it should be! I loved it from the first time I heard it and knew it would be perfect for GIRL907.” -H

Is there a particular lyric that stands out?

“I love the bite in the second verse lyrics: ‘Don’t think I didn’t move on to bigger better things. I heard you did the same. Correct me if I’m wrong?’” -R

“Yeah, those are some of my favorite lyrics in the song as well. Also ‘wonder what she’d do if she ever knew shady things you do.’” -H

Where was the music video recorded, and what did the recording process look like?

“We filmed at the gym where I train, Nashville MMA. Huge thanks to them for letting us use the space! It was so fun getting to show Rachele a little bit of Muay Thai for the video. We were able to capture our vision thanks to the direction of Troy Jackson, who is always a dream to work with.” -H

GIRL907 is a duo formed between you two sisters. You’ve worked together numerous times, but when was GIRL907 formed, and what’s the story before the name? 

“We’ve always wanted to put out music together but hadn’t found a stylistic overlap. Around 2018, I had started writing more pop music in addition to my country writing, and it really opened the door for us to make something fresh together.” -R

“We wanted to give a nod to our childhood. We grew up in Kodiak, Alaska and the name ‘GIRL907’ comes from that area code.” -H

So you’ve released this new single. What’s next for GIRL907?

“Over the next several months, we have more songs coming out to make up our first GIRL907 EP!” -R&H

Thank you so much for sharing our music with the world!! 💜

Bio Courtesy of Artists:

GIRL907 is an infectious pop sister duo with a modern twist on a throwback vibe.  The brand new group consists of sisters Rachele Lynae (solo country artist) and Heather Cole (solo pop artist) with a sound born out of Kodiak, Alaska (area code 907) and fine-tuned in the music cities of Nashville and Los Angeles. Raised as daughters of a fisherman, Rachele and Heather and have been singing together since they were barely big enough to stand alone on a stage.

The girls began their musical journeys singing in church and school writing their first song together when Rachele was 12 and Heather was just 9 years old. Both attended Belmont University to study music and begin to cultivate their own solo careers, Rachele in the country music world, Heather in the pop world, both singing backup for each other whenever possible.

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