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After making her explosive debut with her first single, “Fantasy,” rlyblonde – the project of Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Carina Allen – returns with “Spiltmilk,” the second single off her forthcoming debut EP.

rlyblonde is no stranger to the music industry. The New York-based twenty-something has long been the go-to photographer, videographer and creative director for numerous musicians. After years of supporting other artists and friends’ visions, she decided to put down the camera and pick up the guitar for a change. Her first single & video, “Fantasy,” landed widespread support from tastemakers like Enfnts Terribles Magazine, The Luna Collective, and Unpublished Magazine.

With her new track, “Spiltmilk,” rlyblonde seamlessly combines alt-rock instrumentation, catchy pop melodies, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics (“Wait why the fuck is there a line? / I’m freezing in this dress / My makeup is a mess / I need a drink before I lose my mind”). 

She elaborates on the inspiration behind her newest single: “I’ve always been quite sensitive, even though I put on a tough face most of the time. For a long period of my life I felt like I was always one parking ticket away from a mental breakdown. Plus, living in New York City is pretty relentless. Everything is expensive and you’re exhausted every day just from walking around. Writing ‘Spiltmilk’ also let me laugh at myself in a way that was really comforting. Now when I’m having a bad day, I’ll just text my friends, ‘it’s a spiltmilk type of day’ and we just get it. It’s okay to cry, but also… you’re gonna be fine.”

“Spiltmilk” will also be released with a new music video, which was directed by rlyblonde herself via her new creative production company, HOT CREATIVE. In contrast to the more narrative-driven “Fantasy” video, she took on a more campy and freeform approach when it came to the “Spiltmilk” visual. She pokes fun at the song’s subject matter with various little easter eggs like a child’s prop car, white clown-inspired make-up, and her selfie on the side of a milk carton with the words ‘CRYBABY WANTED.’

To celebrate the release of her sophomore single, rlyblonde will be playing a show at Arlene’s Grocery in New York City tonight. Tickets are available at the door.

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