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Singer-Songwriter Tess Henley new single “Good For Me”

Today (July 29) musical polymath Tess Henley releases her latest single “Good For Me.” Henley, in the role of singer, songwriter, and producer, invites us into the lush soundscape of her upcoming project Paramount with this reflective new track. In “Good For Me,” Henley weighs the pros and cons of a toxic relationship, struggling against her own feelings to do what is ultimately best for her. She delivers another classically soulful track infused with an infectious hook and resonant production.

Henley echoes in the chorus, “Good for me, good for me, Everything good ain’t good for me,” with the relatable internal monologue of someone stuck in a Mobius strip of decision making. “Good For Me” explores both the nature of our interpersonal relationships and the symbiotic relationships we have with greater collective systems. “The song isn’t so much about having the solution, but asking the question,” she philosophizes of the track.

The track’s honest songwriting is elevated by organic production, done by Henley with the help of Jesse Boykins III (Jessie J, Calvin Harris) and Wynne Bennett (Janelle Monae, Grimes & Twin Shadow). “Good For Me” is rooted in the nostalgic tones of Henley’s 80’s mini Casio keyboard and an easy-moving beat. The mellow chords are rounded out by synth and, upon a closer listen, the familiar sound of birds chirping. Henley revealed, “The birds in the background got picked up in one of the [voice] memos. The simplicity of that moment seemed fitting, so they made their way into the final version.” Her true-to-self identity as a singer, songwriter, and producer, shines through in this release.

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