Siren Songs (Merideth Kaye Clark and Jenn Grinels) is set to release an eponymous album on May 29th

Siren Songs features both originals and favorite covers from the Americana-folk duo

Siren Songs (L to R: Jenn Grinels, Merideth Kaye Clark) Photo credit: Chelsea Donoho

Siren Songs (the brand-new musical collaboration between Merideth Kaye Clark and Jenn Grinels) is set to release its first album, the eponymous Siren Songs, on May 29, 2020. Recorded by David Streit at The Hallowed Halls (Portland, OR) and Bryan Daste at Dream Tree Studios NW (Portland, OR), the album features a mix of both original songs written by Grinels (“Goodnight Sun, Hello Moon,” “100,” and “Gray”) as well as a selection of folk and Americana favorites (“Jolene,” “Edelweiss,” “Chelsea Morning,” “Angel from Montgomery,” “For Good,” “Time After Time”). Powerhouse vocalists, musicians, and national touring artists, the longtime best friends showcase gorgeous harmonies and unique arrangements performed on a variety of stringed instruments (banjo, dulcimer, viola) on Siren Songs. The duo released three singles in advance of the album – one original and two covers: “Goodnight Sun/Hello Moon,” “Edelweiss,” and “Time After Time.”

“We were inspired by capturing the natural, raw chemistry that happens when we sing together so we decided to just set up a couple of mics and recorded everything as live as possible – and it just worked,” says Grinels.

Inspired by artists as varied as Indigo Girls, Simon & Garfunkel, Eva Cassidy, Dolly Parton, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Carly Simon, the duo has been best friends for many years, and both Grinels and Clark call Portland, OR home now. When they found themselves living in different cities and touring to different places, they kept their friendship alive by meeting each other on the road when their schedules would allow. “When I look at her, I’m happy,” says Clark. “When I’m up there with Jenn, I feel protected and in safe hands.” Grinels echoes the sentiment, saying, “It feels easy, and it’s joyful, and it’s just right.” After performing together for years now, the pair created Siren Songs to make good music as best friends. “From the beginning, it’s been the most effortless musical collaboration,” says Grinels. “And the universe has continued to beat the drum of symbiosis as the project marches on.”

Siren Songs (L to R: Jenn Grinels, Merideth Kaye Clark)
Photo credit: Chelsea Donoho

Their cover of Dolly Parton’s classic “Jolene,” imagined with a kick in the pants and a banjo, received some very high praise when the song was selected by Parton herself and Netflix as the favorite rendition during the #JoleneChallenge. The #JoleneChallenge was born when Parton and Julianne Hough (who was portraying the character of Jolene in the Netflix series “Heartstrings” last year) issued a challenge for fans to present their best rendition of the classic song. When they heard the news that their song had been selected, Clark “wept tears of joy,” while Grinels added, “When I learned that Dolly Pardon LOVED our rendition – yes, in all caps – I was stunned!”

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