PREMIERE | Olivia Lane Introduces Bewitching “Chalkline”

Olivia Lane
Photo: Randy Shaffer
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Pop-country singer-songwriter Olivia Lane releases her latest single, “Chalkline.”

Describing “Chalkline,” Olivia says, “To me, ‘Chalkline’ is the other side of Olivia, compared to “Living Instead.” Quirky, cheeky, and upbeat with a hint of funny sarcasm. This song is a spin on the millennial slang ‘I’M SO DEAD’ which signifies something is hilarious or so overwhelming, and in this song, the guy I have just seen is so gorgeous, I’M DEAD…so go ahead and draw me in a chalkline and call the cops cuz he has stolen my heart. It’s a fun pop-country bop to dance along to. I see this song in the same vein as Blondie’s playfulness in ‘One Way Or Another,’ the pep of Go-go’s ‘We Got The Beat,’ and the funny sarcasm of ‘I Try To Think About Elvis’ by Patty Loveless.”

When, in 2015, Olivia started releasing her music, she made an impact from the get-go, noticed and applauded by both Rolling Stone Magazine and Billboard. A few years later, she performed her song “Perfect Skin” on Season 1 of NBC’s Songland. The audience was blown away, while the national media spread the word.

According to Olivia, “It was confirmation that I am where I’m supposed to be; I had done the right thing diving into the more vulnerable places in me as an artist.”

She delved into her vulnerability after stepping back from the fast-lane-life of performing, recording, and touring. While on hiatus, she re-discovered her balance, emphasizing both her physical and mental health.

“Chalkline” opens on an infectiously driving rhythm, rife with posh pop energy, and then flows into a yummy pop-country melody conjuring up the scrummy flavors and oomph of The Go-Go’s “We Got the Beat” and Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

With hints of wicked riot grrrl inflections, Olivia’s grand, irresistible, buoyant voice injects the lyrics with percolating vivacity, both bubbly and magnetically captivating.

“A thief in blue jeans / He’s sweet like grenadine / His little grin is killing me / He stopped my heart lookin’ into his eyes / Drop dead handsome got his hands in mine.”

Olivia Lane has it going on! “Chalkline” has it all: get-up-and-go, vocal brio, delicious sassy savors, and a sonic aura of pure, galvanizing fun.

Available June 12: Pre-order “Chalkline.”

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