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Nova Miller is back with another retro pop bop, “Mi Amor” listen here.  The new single is fun, catchy, and bold, showing off Nova’s classic killer vocals. Nova Miller was inspired by ABBA when creating this upbeat track, bringing listeners to the disco with its pulsing, danceable beat. “Mi Amor” is an anthem dedicated to the rewarding feeling of thriving after a relationship and having an ex see how much you’ve evolved. “Mi Amor” comes with a visualizer/lyric video that features Nova in a kaleidoscope daydream – watch here. Listeners will be transported into the Swedish singer’s retro dreamworld and will undoubtedly have the catchy lyrics memorized in no time.

Nova explains the meaning behind “Mi Amor” in her own words, “Mi Amor is about evolving past an ex and loving the attention of knowing they still want you. You are lying if you say that you don’t feel good! Success and self-growth is the best revenge, it’s just a winning feeling knowing your former flame is kicking themself with regret – it’s the ultimate look at me now song!”

Nova Miller is a standout talent with a sound that seamlessly blends new school pop with a retro aesthetic. Nova’s vintage sound is elevated by her soulful voice and her undeniable charm. Her music takes inspiration from 60’s era groups and makes use of classic strings and harmonies that make her stand out from the crowd. Nova Miller’s striking personality and her showstopping vocals have earned her popularity on TikTok (@novamillermusic) with over 10.8 million likes. Nova uses TikTok to connect with fans and show off her acoustic capabilities and range.

“Mi Amor” is the ultimate break-up song and the perfect track to blast on a night out with the girls. With this single, Nova has delivered a feel-good song that celebrates self-growth and personal evolution. Her powerful lyrics in “Mi Amor”, “I gotta break it to you, mi amor, I’m not the person that I was before. I’m turning tables on you, mi amor. If you want another chance, show me a different dance” will make every listener feel empowered. As Nova continues to produce intoxicating tunes, she paves a new path in pop and should be on everyone’s radar.

Music is a cornerstone in Nova Miller’s life. Her remarkable story includes her sleeping in her father’s guitar case backstage while on tour with her parents and performing for the Crown Princess of Sweden. Discovered by former artist turned music executive Lolene in a Stockholm dance studio at age 12, Nova has spent much of her life in the studio or on stage and she wouldn’t have it any other way. The multi-instrumentalist and 5 octave vocalist quickly learned that dealing with opinionated personalities and constantly being underestimated in the music industry was a daily occurrence, but learned to find strength in those experiences. “As girls, we have to be better, we have to do more to be seen. I’ll take that fight. I’ll work a bit harder, and I’ll prove myself.” At only 18, Nova has an unwavering sense of identity and a strong-minded lyrical narrative that gives her music passion and heart. Her empowering lyrics, perfect pitch, layered over shimmering splashes of pop make Nova Miller a unique force in music.

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