Video Premiere: Abby K releases title track to LP “The Whole Truth”

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Abby K releases the official music video to the title track to her third LP, The Whole Truth.

“When I wrote the title track to my third LP, The Whole Truth, I was at the beginning of a long, self-reflective journey. Confronting truth is downright scary and disorienting. But breaking down truth is empowering, leading to true inner peace. The Whole Truth is my roadmap to this peace.”

About Abby K:

Abby K – Photo by Kittenteeth

Lilting and lyrical, The Whole Truth, the forthcoming album from Seattle-based singer-songwriter Abby K, is built on a foundation of delicate vocal harmonies buoyed by plucky banjo and guitar, deft drumming, and honeyed strings.

Straddling the line between classic Americana and traditional acoustic folks, Abby K and her all-star, all-female crew have crafted a sincere portrait of one woman’s wander down life’s rambling road on her quest to find true peace as an artist. The Whole Truth is an interwoven patchwork of soundscapes that reflect this journey with an airy grace.

Exploring themes of loss, rebirth, and forgiveness, the record confronts life’s real truths – both brutal and lovely – with a courageous forthrightness. The Whole Truth taps into a variety of Abby’s influences, including her Kentucky roots, her Midwest authenticity, and the grit of her adopted home between the mountains and sea.

After a lifetime east of the Mississippi, Abby K landed in the Pacific Northwest music scene with nothing but her guitar, a handful of songs, and a big desire to dive into the vibrant community. Determined to find her true voice, Abby took every opportunity to get out there and play: participating in songwriting circles, open mikes, showcases, and traveling tours. Every song on The Whole Truth was brought to life through the people she met, collaboratively and without pretense.

Crafted entirely by women, The Whole Truth features a long list of new friends who helped Abby create a rich, unique sound. From producer Kimberly Newland and sound engineer Alicia Healey to a rich suite of uniquely talented musicians, the community rose to the call. Notable contributors include Lydia Ramsey (Lydia Ramsey, Ladies), Kristina Crothers, Heather Thomas (General Mojos, Heather Thomas Band), Marina Christopher (Marina and The Dreamboats) and Stephanie Anne Johnson (The Voice, Stephanie Anne Johnson, and the Hi Dogs) turned her acoustic solo versions of these songs into a fully-realized full band sound.

“Discovering truth is downright scary and disorienting. Confronting truth is empowering and bold. Understanding truth leads to peace,” says Abby. So much of her empowerment came from the supportive women around her, Abby was determined that the album feature an all-female team. “Working with women felt safe, and in that safety, I was able to tell my truths.”

Once connected to the burgeoning Seattle “Womxn in Music” scene, finding the talent needed to bring this album to life was easy and organic. “It was important for me to honor and celebrate women because, like many women, I have struggled to find my footing in the music industry.”  Through “Womxn in Music”, Abby had unlimited access to talent across the musical spectrum, including a female Uillean player Sarah Young for her song, “The Same Blue.”

Melodic, authentic and raw, The Whole Truth is an album that unflinchingly stares down life’s messy parts. “When life throws you the unexpected” explains Abby, “it’s the honest path, oftentimes the most painful path, that will ultimately lighten your load.”


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