Chloe Trujillo and Musicians Without Borders Launch Limited Edition T-Shirt in Support of 20 Years of Music Making and Peacebuilding



15 January 2019

Musicians Without Borders is pleased to announce a partnership with L.A. based artist and fashion designer, Chloe Trujillo. To mark 20 years of music making and peacebuilding, Musicians Without Borders and Chloe Trujillo worked together to create a limited edition t-shirt under the theme, ‘War Divides, Music Connects’, with proceeds going to music programs in conflict and post-conflict areas. 


Known for her bold and complex art, Chloe Trujillo created a guitar strap for Musicians Without Borders in 2018 as part of The Guitar Strap Co. Artist Collaboration Project and continues her commitment to Musicians Without Borders through her custom t-shirt design. 

“To me, music and art are the most powerful healing tools.” Chloe explains, “The t-shirt design comes directly from selecting elements from one of the guitar straps I designed called ‘Magic’. The dove on the front is a well recognized global symbol for peace, purity, and love, and the back design consists of a sacred heart with the eye and sun and moon connected. I chose these specific elements for their symbolism and meaning, for they are harmonious with the idea of connection and unity.  The sun and moon represent the never-ending circle of life. One emits light while the other reflects it, just as music brings light created by the musicians who create it.” 

With a growing number of programs around the world, Musicians Without Borders is the world’s pioneer in using music for peacebuilding and social change. “We are excited to be partnering with Chloe. We love how the t-shirt design combines Chloe’s artwork with our message of ‘War Divides, Music Connects’. Our vision is to continue to inspire musicians worldwide as peacemakers who use music to transform lives. We are proud to work with a high profile artist like Chloe.” says Laura Hassler, Founder and Director of Musicians Without Borders.

The limited edition 20th Anniversary ‘War Divides, Music Connects’ t-shirt is available at:

VISIT CHLOE AT HALL D, BOOTH 2842 on January 26th

GGM Staff


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