MOD Devices has strengthened its high-end plugin offer with new treats for its guitarists and bassists users. A new set of cabinets and amplifiers will be demonstrated for the first time at Winter Namm 2019.

The Onyx Amp by VeJa is the digital modeling of a real custom-made tube amplifier with three channels combined and separate pre and power amps. The Onyx offers control over a vast landscape of sounds: the gain knob, in combination with the clipping stage, creates unique distortions that range from sparkly clean all the way to modern metal. By tweaking the character knob, users can alter the voice of the amplifier from smooth warm to slashing bright.

The GxCreamMachine is inspired by the classic miniature guitar tube amp and produces a reliable classic British Rock overdrive tone. Its analog simulation of a full-stage power amp allows users to easily feed their signal straight into a PA system while preserving high-fidelity dynamics and attack responses.


MOD has also launched a new series of cabinets for guitar and bass. The MOD Modern, Vintage and Bass cabinets offer a range of classic and exotic impulse responses, drastically increasing the MOD Duo’s tonal options.

The plugins are the fruits of MOD’s effort to foster the work of outstanding independent developers, as much as providing its community of guitar and bass players with a constant stream or cutting-edge products.

GxCreamMachine is commercialized by Guitarix and the Onyx Amp and MOD Cabinets are available for free for MOD users. All of the plugins can be found in the MOD Plugin Shop.

The public can test these and other MOD software products, as well the MOD Duo and MOD Duo X audio-processors at the MOD Devices booth (#10106) at Winter Namm 2019.

GGM Staff


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