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“SONGS TO MAKE DOGS HAPPY“ the Only Album for Dogs approved by Dogs

Featuring “Squeaky Deaky” — a call to action for dogs. Ask your audience to bring their dogs into the room to hear this song and see what happens to the phone lines, A story of interest and major FUN for dog lovers — and their dogs.

Los Angeles, CA – Created by Skip Haynes and Dana Walden of the Laurel Canyon Animal Company – a Los Angeles based record label that creates music exclusively about, for and with animals who utilized the talents of an animal communicator to act as a translator to involve dogs directly in the creative musical process.

Canine focus groups selected from over 200 dogs nationwide were assembled and questioned by their communicator as to their preference in music and content. The dog’s responses were then used as guides for the creation of the music and lyrics resulting in a unique album of songs and interaction dogs love.

The music was then tested by individuals, rescue groups and the Laurel Canyon Animal Company for its rehabilitative and entertainment attributes for both dogs and dog lovers.

Based on unsolicited testimonials Songs To Make Dogs Happy:

• Helps ease separation anxiety

• Settles dogs down when traveling

• Is used by shelters to calm the animals

• Used by vets to help dogs in recovery

• Strengthens the bond between dog lovers and their dogs (when used according to instructions)

Available at: and other online platforms.

Source:  Press Release

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