Press Release:  AUSTIN, TX – Austin-based start-up company Audio Fusion Systems is set to release their patent pending AudioFusion™ software technology which captures each channel from a digital audio source with professional level fidelity and sends the signals over Wi-Fi in real time to each musician’s smartphone.

AudioFusion™ enables musicians to control how each instrument sounds in their ears or it can be controlled by a sound engineer like a traditional monitoring system without all the clumsy and expensive equipment. Now musicians can roam the stage freely and wirelessly while hearing the exact mix they want.

The affordability of the AudioFusion™ software technology makes in-ear wireless monitoring accessible to musicians at every level.

Audio Fusion Systems will be launching the beta version of their AudioFusion™ software at the 2017 Summer NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants), July 13-15, 2017 in Nashville, TN. Stop by booth #234 for a demonstration.

About Audio Fusion Systems

Audio Fusion Systems, LLC is a cause-oriented company that puts technology
to work for musicians. Based in Austin, Texas, we partner with music professionals
to create products that are designed to free musicians to create and perform
without limitations or technology distractions. Kevin Slick, inventor and creator of
the AudioFusion™ technology, was a senior software engineer for Dell and AMD,
but as a musician and sound technician himself he is intimately familiar with the
frustrations of finding just the right mix without spending a fortune.

“AudioFusion™ has totally freed me on stage and in the studio. I can completely control my
monitor mix by just reaching into my back pocket and I didn’t have to buy clumsy and expensive equipment. AudioFusion™ is going to change the way I do music. “More me in the mix” will be a thing of the past.” – M. Schonfeld, Worship Leader & Musician

“I am blown-away by the sound I get in my ear. Not only does AudioFusion™ help me hear
myself it helps me hear everything! I am finally in control and free to deliver my best performance without distraction. I am no longer at the mercy of my monitor mix.”
— Deann Rene, Recording Artist & Performer



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