Gear Review: The New Taylor GTe acoustic-electric guitar lives up to its slogan

Smaller Size. Bigger Sound. Serious Fun.

girl with taylor guitar GTe
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It was quite an easy decision to make when I was asked to review the new Taylor Guitar GTe (Grand Theater). In a nutshell: This is the greatest, newest, smallest, yet biggest sounding guitar I have had the opportunity to play.  It’s just a smaller guitar that was styled after the Grand Orchestra model:  Not a mini, not a three-quarter, not a junior; just a smaller, more comfortable guitar that does not compromise on sound.

I have gotten to know this Taylor GTe pretty good over the past two weeks, and now I’m spoiled. Taylor has introduced this guitar with the tag line, “Smaller size. Bigger sound. Serious fun.” This guitar lives up to their claim. Let’s take a look at some of its features.

taylor guitars GTe acoustic-electric

Smaller size.

As an experienced musician and teacher, this guitar messes with your mind. It feels almost exactly the same as a standard, but it is a 24-1/8” scale and is so easy to play. The interesting thing about this guitar is Andy Powers, Taylor’s Master Builder, designed everything in proportion to the smaller size. The sleekness and size of the neck is so comfortable to play.

Bigger sound.

As I mentioned, I have gotten to know this Taylor GTe over the past two weeks, and I am absolutely spoiled when I plug in to an amp or try other acoustic-electric guitars.  Its phenomenal monster sound, both acoustically and technically, and it is just hands down the easiest and best to work with and manage quickly. As a solo artist, being able to throw up your gear and do a soundcheck is important, and in this regard, this guitar gave me the best experience I’ve ever had.

Known for their revolutionary V-Class bracing, the GTe has a new and unique bracing system referred to as C-Class bracing, which is an asymmetrical pattern designed by Powers that emphasizes the lower frequencies allowing for a nice, low-end bass—like gritty Neil Young bass! Check out my video review of the GTe, where I talk about the bass from this sweet little guitar.

The GTe is equipped with Taylor’s ES2 pickup, which in my opinion, is perfection. The tonewoods used in the construction of this guitar are beautiful and create such a warm tone; Sitka spruce on the top and Shamel ash (Urban Ash) on the sides and back. As part of their Urban wood initiative, Taylor recently partnered with West Coast Arborists (WCA) Inc. to purchase wood from end-of-life trees removed from Southern California sites. The ash used on this model has a tone similar to mahogany, which is most likely why I love this guitar so much. I’m a huge fan of mahogany acoustic guitars.

Another unique and responsibly sourced wood used on this model is on the fretboard, which is Eucalyptus that was smoked to give it the darker shade. One of the things I admire about Taylor Guitars is its commitment to responsible sourcing practices.

Overall, the action is perfect, the string placement is extremely comfortable, the neck is smooth and sleek, and the sound is just like a cannon!! BOOM, huge, thank you, and good night!

Serious fun.

The Taylor GTe guitar rocked my world because I’m all about the woods, timbre, depth, balance, and body styles over plugins and technology.  It’s simply beauty and comfort at its best.

As a guitar teacher, I would recommend this guitar to anyone and everyone; its cost is worth every strum.

Price:  $1,599.00

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