Product Review: D’Addario Planet Waves Auto Lock Strap

planet waves locking guitar strap

As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 4.

This woven strap is not only sturdy but handsome and smart. The auto-locking mechanism at each end of the strap make popping your strap on any guitar (with strap buttons) a breeze. The spring-loaded lock is designed to set over the strap button allowing the player to simply press and the strap immediately locks into place. To release the strap, lift the grey ring at one end and it easily comes off the strap button. It is so easy that when I put it on, I was not sure I had actually locked the strap into place until I tugged and tugged at it and found it to be securely connected to the strap button. While locked in place, the lock has movement around the strap button allowing the strap to work flexibly with any movement of the guitar.

Price:  $26.99

GGM Staff



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