Product Review: Yamaha REVSTAR RS720B Electric Guitar


As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine June 2018 issue.

Recently, I had the pleasure of playing the REVSTAR RS720B from Yamaha. One thing I always look for in a guitar is its flexibility to play in different settings. My first interaction with this guitar was playing it in my home studio, where my Fender Ultimate Chorus and BOSS ME-50 setup were ready to jam with the REVSTAR. Right away, I felt the tone of this guitar fit my needs and immediate desires. From a solid body, Bigsby bridge, and mahogany 3-piece neck, this guitar immediately made me excited to play every song on my band’s touring setlist.

When I play on tour, I switch between clean channels and heavy distortion with a little bit of delay. Having a guitar that naturally has a clean tone aids in the overall clean sound of your guitar’s performance, especially when switching to crunchy distorted sounds mid-song. The next test was to see if the guitar sounded just as good live and with a full band as it did alone and in my home studio.


Right before my band left to headline Love Your Rebellion’s BabeFest in Fort Myers and St. Petersburg, Florida, I decided to take this guitar with me to rehearsal. To my pleasant surprise, it sounded AMAZING up against a full band. If you have ever seen my band, the TxLips, live, you know how loud we can be when we are rockin’ the stage. I was very excited to pack this guitar before getting on the airplane to Florida because I just knew it would sound great on my band’s song “The Lost One.” This song lives in Drop D, so I often rely on a guitar with a nice bottom and neck humbucker that can give me that heaviness I look for.

Overall, I 100 percent love this guitar. I give it a thumbs up and highly recommend it for anyone who plays almost any style of music, except metal. You won’t regret it!

Street price $899.00

Guitar Gabby

Gabriella “Guitar Gabby” Logan is an Atlanta Native and proud graduate of Spelman College and Vermont Law School. Her background in environmental and music law fueled her desire to start and manage the international all-women touring collective, TxLips Band, LLC. Logan believes it is important for artists to be well rounded and versed in many areas of the music business, thus inspiring women worldwide to be an unstoppable force. She is the Diversity Editor for Guitar Girl Magazine and the Board Chair for Girls Rock Asheville.


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