Product Review: Daisy Rock Mother Earth Concert Ukulele

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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 7

Daisy Rock introduced their concert ukuleles last fall designed especially for girls that come in three colors: Punk Pink, Pink Blossom, and Mother Earth. Since this issue was focused on Americana, we reviewed the more traditional looking Mother Earth ukulele.

Ukuleles are mainly known as a Hawaiian instrument and a member of the lute family; the name is roughly translated as “jumping flea.” The uke has come in and out of popularity amongst musicians since the early 1900s. Most recently, it has become a particular favorite amongst young girls, most likely due to young artists like Grace VanderWaal, so it is no surprise that Daisy Rock would bring out their own brand.

My first impression is that it is nice to see a properly well-made uke designed for children rather than the cheap plastic versions you tend to see in most toy stores. From the slim neck to the embossed pegs and flowery design, this is not only a well-constructed instrument with attention to detail, but it is also pretty. The narrow neck and nylon strings make it very easy to play and would be a great starter instrument for young girls looking to learn the uke or even girls that may be a little too young to start the guitar, it would be a perfect introduction to start learning some of the techniques. The overall tone of this instrument was very pleasing to the ear, warm and light, but with more body than you would expect from such a small instrument. The volume was impressive, too.

I think this is a job well done from Daisy Rock, and I can see a lot of young girls being delighted with to own one. A few more color options might be the next step.

I would personally like to add this to my collection and to start suggesting this to some of my younger students who quickly become frustrated at the difficulties of learning guitar.


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