Product Review: D’Angelico Excel Series Gramercy XT Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar Have Mercy, Excel Gramercy XT!


As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 18 Winter 2021 – Women in the Music Industry

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of trying the D’Angelico Excel Series Gramercy XT Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar in their Walnut Stain. The aesthetics of this instrument are so impressive, featuring a rich stain and a sparkling Pearloid soundhole. The white trim around the body nicely contrasts the walnut finish. 

The Pau Ferro fretboard is a new thing that I’ve noticed on higher-end guitars, allowing the attack to be more fluid. When it comes down to actually playing the guitar, the sound is definitely brighter unplugged. I do have to say, the brightness is also very well balanced due to the mahogany back. 


Electronically is where you get the most out of your sound. The Fishman Ink-4 exhibits a standard EQ, volume control, and a built-in tuner. The Bass, Middle, and Treble knobs on this sleek beauty allow a player to really contour the sound. The design of the knobs had me toying with them because they are unconventional circles instead of dials! The Notch Filter decreases the chance for feedback, so even when it does occur, it’s not all that bad. My favorite feature of the system is the Brilliance dial. This knob allows the user to bring out the best qualities of the instrument, making the overall sound sharper. 

The capabilities of the Fishman Ink-4 pickup make this axe perfect for the gigging songwriter. Because the sound is naturally bright, it allows for more intimate playing and fingerpicking. I would recommend this guitar to indie artists and folk players because you do get that sense of intimacy when you play the instrument live and unplugged. 

To conclude my review, I want to take a moment to express how much I genuinely loved playing this guitar. Player to player, all you need is a moment alone with the Excel Gramercy XT, and you’ll truly know what I mean. 

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Price: $1,149.99

Bri Foxx

Bri Foxx is a 26-year-old rock musician who fronts a band called Toxic Foxtrot. She is a self-taught acoustic-electric guitar player of 14 years, but originally a classically trained vocalist. Music is the coal the kindles her soul, and she strives to help the world be a better place. At two years old she was diagnosed with autism, and she has seen a lot of obstacles in her life. With the support of her family, music was very therapeutic to her development. Eventually, it led to a life of many hours on guitar and rock and roll. Even though she has had her setbacks, Bri Foxx wants to help anyone who is struggling with the struggles of self-identity, and the place one finds in the world through the power of the revival of rock. “No one should ever have to feel like they’re alone”-Bri Foxx