Product Review: Elixir Acoustic Phosphor Bronze with NANOWEB Coating


The dreaded changing of the strings! Let’s face it, not many of us enjoy changing our strings, especially when you gig all the time and have multiple guitars. I play in all kinds of conditions; hot, humid, cold, damp–you name it, I’ve played in it. Elixir Strings have been my go-to for years. Why? They are durable, long-lasting, have great tone, feel smooth, and when I’m in harsh conditions, they do not corrode.

I do acoustic gigs, on average, about three times a week, well, before the pandemic. Two of those gigs are usually two and a half to three hours long. I am not extremely rough on my strings, so they tend to last, but I get about two to three months out of them. On an average pair of acoustic strings, I only get about one to two weeks because my fingers end up corroding them. With Elixir’s NANOWEB coating, I do not have that problem. I personally prefer the NANOWEB coating over the POLYWEB because, to me, it doesn’t feel as thick. It seems more natural, and the coating doesn’t peel off.

The sound of the phosphor bronze is smoother and more pleasant. Playing a wide range of music, I need a solid tone, and these are very balanced with a good response. All in all, I put these on the top of my list for any gigging musician, as well as any student and beginner players. You cannot beat the tone and the longevity they offer. Some people even claim they feel softer on their fingers, which would be perfect for people who are working on building up their callouses.


The bottom line answer is YES! I love these strings, and I highly recommend them to all acoustic players.

Lynnay Della Luce


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