Product Review: Martin Guitar 00-16E Granadillo Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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Looking for powerful tone, resonance, and clarity packed into a vintage-looking body that is comfortable to play and not bulky? It looks like Martin nailed it on this one. The Martin 00-16E Granadillo Acoustic-Electric Guitar is part of Martin’s 16 Series Grand Concert models.

“A guitar that packs a deep punch but still keeps its note clarity.”


Upon checking this guitar out and playing it for a while in both a gigging and studio situation, I found that this guitar does really well with low-end frequencies and note clarity. From researching, the granadillo wood used for the back and sides lends itself to producing these brilliant tones. Granadillo is compared to rosewood and paired with its Sitka spruce top, you get a smooth projection — a guitar that packs a deep punch but still keeps its note clarity.

Now, where this guitar really excels is in the studio. When you plug in with the Fishman Matrix VT Enhance electronics, they do an amazing job of keeping the purity of the acoustic sound. I recorded a track in my home studio and sent it off to my engineer. He noticed right away that the acoustic sound was different than my normal records. He thought I got a new plugin or preamp. I explained I was reviewing the Martin 00-16E.

The guitar was completely dry without any EQ, compression, or effects. I did nothing to it, and it sounded amazing. I’m not saying you don’t need it at all, but to have a dry signal come through and it sounds like that? That was pretty amazing! As musicians, we want our tracks to be the best they can be before post-production and this Martin is indeed fantastic for that. Needless to say, I was highly impressed with the performance of the Granadillo in a studio setting. It certainly exceeded my expectations.

“It’s crisp, clear, and smooth just like an acoustic should be when plugged in.”

Often times, an acoustic guitar’s sound is colored or distorted in some form whenever plugged into a PA system or in the studio. Not with the 00-16E. This guitar is not boomy, hollow, or planky. It’s crisp, clear, and smooth just like an acoustic should be when plugged in.

This is the first guitar in a long time I feel really captures the essence of an electrified acoustic. The note clarity is spot on, and I would highly recommend this for gigging and especially in the studio.

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MSRP:  $2,199.00
Street Price:  $1,699.00



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