Product Review: The Hug Strap Ukulele Strap


As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 5

We met THE HUG STRAP company at Summer NAMM in Nashville and found their product to be quite unique and creative. The great thing about their new All-In-One Hug Strap is that it was designed to be used with any size ukulele with or without strap buttons. The strap comes in three pieces: two fabric pieces and a nylon headstock strap. If your instrument has a two-button configuration, the headstock strap will not be needed, but the company suggests that you keep it and the two rubber washers that are attached in case you need them in the future.

I tried this strap on the Fender Montecito ukulele which did not have any strap buttons. The nylon headstock strap wraps around the headstock underneath the strings. The lower, thinner portion of the fabric strap wraps around the waist of the ukulele underneath the strings. Once the strap is attached, it can be easily adjusted to your preference. The soft fabric and plastic hardware protect your instrument from scratches.

I loved the vibrant colors they offer, and the pattern of the cartoon squirrels on the soft cotton fabric of the strap I tried adds a whimsical feel looked great with Montecito. The straps hug the instrument with care and you can be assured you’re uke is in good hands.


The Hugs Strap website offers information on how to attach the strap to different instrument setups: ukulele with no strap buttons, one strap button, or two.

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Tara Low


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