Product Review: Walrus Audio Jupiter Multi-Clip Fuzz V2 Pedal


This my friends, is what I call hot fuzz! Walrus Audio’s Jupiter Multi-Clip Fuzz V2 is by far, one of the nastiest, gnarliest pedals I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing through. It truly made the grunge girl in me squeal with utter excitement from chord one (as a matter of fact, it’s even become a permanent fixture on my pedalboard).

The Jupiter packs a huge wallop and gives your axe a thick, gritty tone that is absolutely dripping with nineties nostalgia (hooray!). What I love about this pedal (and a lot of Walrus’s other pedals for that matter) is its simplicity. Nothing worse or more intimidating than having to learn a thousand knobs. Luckily, the Jupiter only has 3 control knobs and 2 toggles, so if you’re a plug and play kind of guitarist, this is perfect if you just want to get down to rocking.

You can mess with specific frequency ranges and dial in your fuzz, allowing you to either really cut through the mix or blend in more with the drums and rhythm section. The mode switch also gives you the option of three different clipping arrangements (depending on how thick or heavy you want to go), and the bass toggle will boost your low end. A huge bonus is that there is also an added gate to eliminate noise, which is a big pet peeve of mine.


If you’re into a heavier sound, you’ll naturally want to crank the tone and fuzz, but be advised that a little goes a long way with this bad boy. The far-right position gives you that Big Muff vibe; very compressed and crunchy. Nice.

It’s actually pretty amazing how many fuzz options there are, especially with so few knobs. Who would have thought?

As far as design goes, the Jupiter features gorgeous artwork, another hallmark of Walrus’s, and its coal sparkle-coated chassis is extraordinarily durable and road tough.

Ultimately, this stompbox will absolutely kick you in the teeth. If you’re a rocker with a hankering for the Seattle Sound, this is a must-have for your arsenal.

Price $199.00


Alexx Calise

Alexx Calise is an accomplished singer, guitarist, and songwriter. Perhaps best known for her hit song, “Cry,” which became a staple on the show “Dance Moms” and boasts millions of hits on YouTube, Calise’s raw emotion, heart-and soul-lyrics, and unmistakable vibrato have impacted thousands of young girls all over the world. Calise is currently working on new solo material and songs for licensing, and she recently released a new EP with another music project, Batfarm. In addition to her musical pursuits, she also works in public relations and marketing and owns her own party entertainment business. When not playing shows or writing music, she enjoys horror movies, exercising, or taking a well-deserved nap.