Review: Singdaptive


As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 18 Winter 2021 – Women in the Music Industry

Vocalists rejoice! Singdaptive, an all-new online vocal coaching platform, is here to help you become the best singer you can possibly be. Whether you’re completely green or a seasoned pro, Singdaptive offers personalized exchanges with a professional vocal coach, all of which can be done from the comfort of your own home. For a fraction of the cost of traditional vocal lessons, you will get detailed vocal exercises custom-tailored to your specific vocal needs. 

After completing your SingerPath profile, which includes questions about your experience, Singdaptive will pair you with one of their many experienced instructors and address any areas of concern you may have as a singer. 

For my Singdaptive experience, I was paired with an instructor named Kim Greenwood, now teaching for over 20 years via her private studio, Vivid Voice. I told Kim that while I have been singing and performing for most of my life, I still wanted to improve upon some areas. Within a day or two, Kim responded with a plethora of easy exercises I could do in just a few minutes. She even sent over a video of how I can give myself a “laryngeal massage” in case my voice is ever feeling tired. 

I appreciate this platform because the vocal teachers will ask you about your goals and any specific songs you’d like help with (I gave her three of my own to reference in one of our exchanges), and it’s on-demand. You don’t have to commit to a lesson every week like you would with an in-person vocal teacher. It’s especially great for people on the go or those with unpredictable schedules (ahem, musicians). 

A handful of Singdaptive’s vocal coaches are audio engineers, producers, or instrumentalists, so if you have any questions about singing while playing guitar or how to sing for a recording vs. onstage, for example, they will pair you with the appropriate coach(es).

Sure, you can browse YouTube for vocal lessons and get decent enough insights. But with Singdaptive, you can ask detailed questions and receive quick answers from the pros about singing, get a more personalized experience, and be placed on a more defined and focused path to becoming a better vocalist. 

With their standard plan ($25 month), you’ll get one exchange per month, and with their premium plan ($99 month), you’ll get an unlimited number of exchanges. 

You can take my word for it; you will be singing Singdaptive’s praises after you make your first few exchanges!  

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