Thursday, April 27, 2017
Wilson Center Guitar Festival
Any musician or DJ that uses MIDI instruments for either recording, practicing, or live performance knows the super highway of cables that it sometimes takes to connect everything. Well, thanks to Minneapolis based company, Zivix, there is now an easier way. The PUC is a MIDI interface that was specifically designed with iOS devices in mind (must be running iOS 6 or higher). You can use it to connect your midi controller wirelessly to your MAC device via wifi connection. 
Killer Guitar, Great Value - the Monoprice Retro Vision Guitar (Tele-style)
Hal Leonard Corporation and female guitarist/singer-songwriter Ali Handal partnered together for their new book/CD pack “Guitar for Girls: A Beginner's Guide to Playing Acoustic or Electric Guitar.” Ali said, “I took great care to include encouragement, advice, and inspiring...
How many times have you played a show and had a problem hearing, or wished that your amp was elevated somehow so you could hear better and reach it more easily? Probably enough times. There is an amp stand...
By Steve McKinley for Guitar Girl Magazine
Wall-Axe Custom Guitar Hangers was started by Michael Lambert in 2009 as a way to clean up the clutter of his son’s guitars that were always lying around the house. Their custom guitar hangers come in a variety of designs, finishes, and materials.
As a predominantly rock guitarist, when I was asked to review the Luna Henna Oasis Spruce guitar, I thought I was going to review an electric guitar - cool. The box looked the right size and its weight was comfortable. When I got to my studio, I put it with my other guitars. Personally, I like to get to know a guitar before I write about it, so I spend time with it and really get to know its personality (and its secrets).
The La Bella string company has been around for 100 years, so it's no surprise that they are an innovator in their industry. I had the chance to review their new, Vapor Shield guitar strings, and I was very impressed with them.
Forte 5 Premium is a Music Notation, Transcription, Composition, and Recording software developed by several German classical musicians. I found that his version of the software is best for musicians whose music reading skills are advanced. This product would be useful for musicians who write scores for movies, band and orchestra teachers, classical and jazz composers, and performers who need to write and print scores for the musicians they hire.
Timber Tones Luxury Picks is a British pick manufacturer that produces luxury guitar picks. The picks are made from various natural materials, including wood, precious metals and stone. Their website has over 15 categories to choose from. I tried two picks, the Timber Tones Electric Guitar Pick in Bloodwood and a Jazzy Tones Green Bone pick. I never thought I would call a pick beautiful, but both picks were unique and the coloring was amazing. I felt like they were pieces of art. I would like to state here that since I am a vegetarian, I don’t feel comfortable using picks make of bone or any animal byproduct, but really loved the wood and stone picks.