Guitar Contest by Bolted Down Custom Guitars: Who What Where When Why

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For Women’s History Month, Bolted Down Custom Guitars is holding a guitar contest—JAN KUEHNEMUND MEMORIAL GUITAR GIVEAWAY. Get the “Who, What, Where, When & Why” here.

Who:     Bolted Down Custom Guitars in association with SheRocks Awards, Guitar Girl Magazine, and Almost Fama present the Women’s History Month Jan Kuehnemund Memorial Guitar Giveaway.

What:     Bolted Down Custom Guitars is giving away a customized guitar that the winner will be able to have tailored to them specifically.


Step 1: Video yourself playing an original piece of music 45-60 seconds long on

Step 2: Download and fill out the entry form at

Step 3: Fill out the section at

When:   Deadline to enter is midnight on March 31, 2021.

Why:   The purpose is to help an up-and-coming female artist have a custom instrument more suited to their style than anything off the shelf can be. The guitar will have custom electronics, bridge, tuners, finish, and have a professional setup based on the winner, basically a professional quality instrument tailored for the winner.

Growing up in a very small town and not having much money, my progression was limited to an extent by the amount of money I had to spend on an instrument. I struggled at times because the only guitar I could afford wasn’t very well made and hard to play. I’m trying to take that scenario away for someone.

What I’m not doing is giving away a $200 guitar and saying “here you go.” It’s the same process that I’ve done with creating signature series guitars for world-renowned guitarists.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who will reside in the continental US, is 18 years of age or older, has never had a recording contract nor a guitar endorsement, and lives their lives as a female.

What are the rules?

Record and upload a video of you playing an original piece of any style of music (minimum 45 seconds, maximum 60 seconds) on guitar and fill out and upload the Official Entry Form as indicated in the “Where” section.

How will a winner be selected?

Our panel of judges will choose a winner based on originality, technique, musicality, and other criteria.


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