Delyn Grey Releases Empowerment Anthem – “Set Me Free”

Delyn Grey
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Toronto’s alt-rock singer-songwriter Delyn Grey recently released her new single/music video, “Set Me Free.”

Delyn explains, “This song is release, it’s relief and empowerment. It’s moving forward and getting it done. When I was first starting to pursue music, a lot of people told me I should make it my Plan B, a hobby, because I didn’t have anything unique to offer. I was 15.  No one, let alone a 15-year-old, should ever be told they shouldn’t work towards pursuing something that gives them purpose. Music was never a hobby for me, I just couldn’t have that relationship with it and I needed people to know that. I needed myself to know that I was rooting for me, that I had my back no matter what came my way, and that I would make it past the snide and/or uninformed comments about MY life choices. Despite having written this song several years ago, it holds a huge place in my heart and comforts me any time I listen to it.”

Talking about the song’s genesis, Deyln recalls, “I was on my way to the studio to record a demo of the song and had promised my producer at the time that I would have a bridge for the song. I didn’t have one. So, I get on the subway, stressing out because I couldn’t come up with anything the week before. All of a sudden, I hear this melody ringing in my head. I grab my phone, awkwardly hum and sing into it, scribble down some lyrics, and out comes the bridge you hear on the track. Crazy things happen when you sit back, listen, and just let them happen.”

Focused on music since her choir-girl days, followed by legal studies and a career in tech, Delyn’s dedication and determination to music become more intense with each passing day. Her sound, a blend of R&B, electronic vibes, and edgy alt-rock, pushes out risky, almost dangerous energy.

“Set Me Free” opens on gentle gleaming colors, slowly building, as Delyn’s soft voice travels overhead. As the rhythm enters, the tune takes on the heft of potent percussion and a rumbling bassline. Delyn infuses the lyrics with visceral textures, displaying deep, intense emotions, while ethereal backing harmonies give the tune haunting tones.

With “Set Me Free,” Delyn Grey offers a powerful alt-rock declamation surging with a luscious flow and glistening breakdowns.

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