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Natalie Clark on inspirational single “I See You”

LA-based Scottish singer-songwriter Natalie Clark released her latest pop-tinged single, “I See You” yesterday, and says she was inspired to write the song “After watching an interview with Michelle Obama and Oprah …”

Clark shares with us more about her new single.

What inspired your new single, “I See You”?

After watching an interview with Michelle Obama and Oprah, talking about helping people, especially young women and kids, feel seen and heard, I felt inspired to write about it. Everyone needs reassurance every now and then and I wrote the song to uplift and offer hope to the listener.

Tell us about the writing and recording process.

I wrote the song in my apartment in LA, just on acoustic guitar, and then I got Mike Gentile, an incredible producer based in Florida, to produce the track. As we were in different cities during the process, we had to go back and forth on the phone, email etc, whatever it took to get it done! My vocals were recorded here in LA by an amazing musician and producer, Jason Pitts. Then Mike mixed and mastered the track and I’m delighted how it turned out!

When and why did you get involved in music?

I’ve always had a passion for music and as soon as I started writing songs, I was hooked! I didn’t pursue music full-time though until a few years ago, when I quit my teaching job, and moved from Scotland to the US to chase my dreams of creating music!

What do you hope your fans take away with them when they listen to your music?

This song ‘I See You’ is for anyone and everyone just trying to do their best and put one foot in front of the other, despite facing obstacles, challenges, or feeling lost or down. Sometimes we need a reminder that we’re not alone, and hopefully, this song can reassure people of that!!

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