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Atlanta based singer and songwriter, Emmy Law, has been creating and performing music since 2016, and has performed in some of the most renowned venues in Atlanta, including top-rated Eddie’s Attic, Red Clay Music Foundry and the Music Room at Smith’s Olde Bar. She’s even proceeded to the final round of open mic nights, and in 2014 won the John Jarrard Foundation songwriting contest, judged by some members of the Zac Brown Band.

Law released her debut EP Fairyland in August 2018, and is releasing her sophomore EP Find Ourselves Again on July 13. The EP features three original singles penned by Law, recorded live on a baby grand piano. Ahead of Find Ourselves Again release, we chatted with Law about the writing and recording process for it, the guitar gear she plays and uses, and more.

You’re releasing your EP, Find Ourselves Again, on July 13, featuring three original singles. What was the writing and recording process like for this EP?

This EP was inspired by my first trip to Colorado last summer. A lot of the trip was spent camping. That trip really affected me, not just because of the overwhelming beauty, but because I was completely unplugged for ten days and felt completely refreshed. These songs are all centered around simplicity and nature — the idea that we really do find ourselves when we’re silent and get away from our busy lives. I wrote the songs within a couple weeks of returning home from my Colorado trip. All three tracks were recorded live on a baby grand piano at Walhalla Performing Arts Center in Walhalla, SC. I played each tune three or four times and we kept the best takes.

Speaking of your new EP, did you want more singles featured, or is this a taste of a future full-album release?

This is a standalone EP. The songs are all based around the same theme — this is my first released group of songs that fit together in the same theme. I do hope to release more EPs and albums like this.

Find Ourselves Again was recorded live on a baby grand piano. Was this intentional or just how it came to be?

This was absolutely intentional! Originally I was going to record these stripped down on a keyboard, but someone suggested I try a real piano and go for the live takes, and I’m really glad I made the switch.

You also play guitar…what drew you to picking up the guitar, and are there any other instruments you play or would like to play besides piano and guitar?

Well, to be totally honest, a past boyfriend played guitar and I started playing around on his acoustic. And here we are (laughs). I love playing finger style acoustic and use that style to write a lot of my songs. I also play ukulele – it helps a lot with writing when I just need a different sound. I bring it to the occasional gig.

You have a couple of shows this summer in Atlanta. Is a full tour planned soon?

Yes, I’m pumped for those shows! No full tour on the books right now. Right now we’re booking weekend runs full of local Atlanta shows and the surrounding cities. A full tour is on the horizon though.

Emmy Law
Emmy Law chats about her new album and guitar gear – photo provided by artist

Guitar Gear

What guitar(s) do you play, and is there a particular guitar you’d like to play but haven’t yet?

I mainly play an acoustic Martin OM-1. To be totally honest, I love this one so much that I don’t have my eye on any others. Also, my dad built me two guitars — an acoustic and a beautiful blue electric. I pull those out sometimes; they’re fun to play.

What strings do you use?

Martin Acoustic SP Custom Light all the way

Pedals and mics?

I just got a TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 pedal — I love it. I sing with a Shure Beta 87A mic.

Lastly, but certainly not least, what picks do you use?

Tortex Dunlop 0.60mm

Connect with Emmy Law on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Stream her music on YouTube. Purchase her music here.




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